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Kahn Takes 10th Straight NATwA Singles

Vienna, Virginia USA · 19-20 November 2011

Larry KahnLarry Kahn wins the 39th annual North American Tiddlywinks Association's Singles Championship by a commanding 40½ points over second-place Dave Lockwood at 25½ points, with Bob Henninge at 21½ and Ferd Wulkan at 19 1/6 points. The tournament format was a double round-robin. Rick Tucker joined the fray for one round-robin, and Sunshine came to survey winkers in an update on his Lost Princess story.Sunshine

Larry lost no game in the eight played, finishing with an average of 5.79 points-per-game. All but one of Larry's games ended in 6-1 wins for him. That one game ended at 4½-2½ in Larry's favor in a game in which Larry carnovskied his first large wink.

This was Larry's tenth straight win of the NATwA Singles, and his 23rd overall win out of the 39 held to date. Larry finished as top national in two additional NATwA Singles where the winner was from the UK.

There were no 7-0 pot-outs during the Singles match. The rare score of 4⅔-2⅓, occurring in fewer than 1% of all games, did emerge with Ferd besting Rick in the game.

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