October 2000

NATwA News

August 2000.  Forbes magazine recognizes tiddlywinks.org as Best of the Web in the Weird Wide Web category in its Fall 2000 online/print publication.  We're one of ~300 top sites!  Woo-hoo!

July 2000.  Welcome, WBZ Boston listeners, to the world of winks!

20 May 2000.  The NATwA Teams Tournament in Ithaca NY USA has an incredible turnout.  A splendid time was guaranteed for all.  Check out the results!   Pink Flamingos (combining oldtime MIT with newtime Ithaca High School) are first as a team.  Joe & Dan Sachs of the Dragons team land in the top pair spot for the day.  29 winkers play, and other-timers appear as well.

26 March 2000.  World Pairs in Vienna VA

25 March 2000.  Individual Pairs in Vienna VA.

7-8 November 1999.   Severin & Julian Drix win the Unstacked NATwA Pairs in Ithaca NY by 1 point over Ferd & Mac McAvoy.

9-10 October 1999.  Larry Kahn ekes out first, 1 points over Dave Lockwood, to become the 1999 NATwA Singles champion.  Held in Ashburn VA.

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NATwA Teams in Ithaca NY USA

Dave & Jon Lockwood, 20 May 2000

Sev & Nathaniel Drix, 20 May 2000

Dan & Joe Sachs, 20 May 2000

Jesse Calhoun & Marg Small, 20 May 2000

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