Stroboscopic photo of a wink being potted in the game of tiddlywinks The North American Tiddlywinks Association
T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Dave Lockwood

Dave "The Dragon" Lockwood has long been known as the pensive, highly-strategic winker ever since he started playing winks at MIT in 1970 when he lived in Burton House.  A famed photo of Dave in the early 1970s shows him, with long locks, winking on the hallowed steps of MIT's domed building (known as Building 10) in the Great Court.  Dave was one of 8 pioneer American winkers that MIT sent to England in 1972 to seize the day, and that they did, winning match after match and ruining the oft-ruined British pride.

An inveterate and unceasingly competitive winker, Dave has been to the UK nearly 100 times to compete... and it should not be a surprise that he always aims to win. Dave met his wife, Déjà, in Saudi Arabia following an intricate exchange of hand signals through a bus window. Such is fate. Déjà knew from the outset that she would also be a winker. And of course, the entire Lockwood clan of Sam[antha], Alex[andra], Max[imilian], Jon[athan], and Ben[jamin] have all become disciples of the discipline of winks. is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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