Stroboscopic photo of a wink being potted in the game of tiddlywinks The North American Tiddlywinks Association
T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Joe Sachs

Joe sprang onto the winks scene in the conveniently "off" year of 1973, after the MIT tour of England in 1972 and the American cockiness associated with it.  Joe stood out as a dedicated chap with a mission to succeed and exceed in winks.  He quickly moved into a leadership role in MIT winks, building bridges to winkers from all walks of life (barefoot and otherwise) in the secure but fragile world of winks.  Joe rose above the rest to win key NATwA tournaments... Singles and Pairs.   He took a personal initiative to pioneer and to excel in a new squidge-off method (the down-stroke) at the other Somerville winks address, shared with Charles Frankston at the time.  "You've got to lose in order to learn how to win."   Joe edited the transitional My Winkly Reader with Sunsch and others until Newswink rose from its 1970's ashes in 1980.  Joe aligned with the super-team Alliance (with stalwarts such as Severin Drix and Dave Lockwood and others) in the turn-of-the-decade timeframe of 1980 or so.  Always a stickler for accuracy, justice, and the American Way, Joe was instrumental in ensuring that winks didn't sell out to untoward interests. is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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