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Tiddlywinks Game Suppliers

First, a caveat:  the game suppliers listed on this page have no association with, and though we know some of the people at some of these companies, you'll have to trust your own judgment in dealing with them.

Updated May 2008

US Tiddlywinks Retailers

The Games People Play is a retail store stocking tiddlywinks in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA USA, run by Carol Monica. I've known Carol for over two decades.  Call her store directly at +1-617-492-0711.  She sells a quality Thai tiddlywinks set with a wooden mushroom-shaped container. It is one of the higher quality sets. I have some in my personal collection.

The Tin Box Tiddly Winks made by ChannelCraft is sold by: Atomic Hobbies & Games and Things from the Attic and Uncle's Games and Fat Brain Toysand eHobbies and others.


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X-Bugs from Steve Jackson Games is a very popular strategy game based on tiddlywinks techniques.  It is available at Fairplay Games and many other places.  Search Google for X-Bugs.

Safari Ltd.'s Turtley Winks is available from Zeebi's and Toy's and Arts Store and Playthings Toy Store and Harrison and Company and Boondoggles and ePreschoolStoreCatalog and probably elsewhere.  This looks like fun!

HearthSong, at, sells a tiddlywinks set in a mushroom container.  Also sold by

The Wooden Wagon sells a different tiddlywinks set in a mushroom container, made in Germany by Glueckskaefer.

Tiddlywink Toys (no association with sells a Snowman Tiddlywinks game.  An interesting and fun variety... I have it in my collection!

Fundex sells two editions of Tiddly winks & Tic Tac Toe, a remake of E.S. Lowe's 1950's classic, Tiddle Tac Toe. and and and ArsaToys sell the Pressman Tiddly Winks set.

A tin boxed set of Tiddley Winks from Marlon Creations (in the UK from Cardinal Games, see below) is available from Farm Goods for Kids.

British Tiddlywinks Retailers

MulberryBush in England sells a nicely crafted tiddlywinks game made in Thailand by PinToys.   I have one of these, too!   You can also find this game sold by ButterCupDays and also by and and The Little Pickle Shop.

The tin boxed set of Tiddley Winks by Cardinal Games is available from and Infinity Games and Games Lore and

The Gifted Goat sell a wooden tiddlywinks set in a lady bug container!

ToyPost also sells Traditional Tiddlywinks, which includes the official rules and simplified rules.

Spirit Games sells a Tiddly Winks game made by Game Chest.

Mainline Surplus Sales is selling remainders of the Teletubbies Giant Tiddly Winks set.

German Tiddlywinks Retailers

Ravensburger of Germany sells various tiddlywinks games, which are known as flohspiel in Germany

Please tell us about any other tiddlywinks retailers you have found. is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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