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T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Tournament Tiddlywinks Equipment

Availability of tournament quality sets and pots from is limited at present.

Felt mats are available at this time!  See below.

Contact Rick Tucker to determine the current availability of equipment.  In the UK, contact ETwA.

What You Need

To play tournament tiddlywinks, you need a set of winks with a pot, squidgers and a felt mat on which to play.


Official tiddlywinks sets consist of the traditional red pot and 24 winks. There are two large (7/8-inch) and four small (5/8-inch) winks of each color (blue, green, red, yellow).

The official winks are currently imported from Italy.  The official pots were made expressly for NATwA in Brooklyn, New York (go Dodgers!).


Squidgers are additional (1-inch to 2-inch) disks used to shoot the winks.

Traditionally winkers have crafted their own squidgers from specialized materials (e.g. modern plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Delrin, fiber-based phenolic (FBP), Plexiglas, carborundum, etc.) and in particular shapes, thicknesses, and degrees of sharpness.  See Tucker's guide to squidger making.

Felt mats

The tournament game is played on a full-sized mat (3-feet by 6-feet).

Smaller mats are used for practice or one-on-one winks variations.


Availability from

Sets are sometimes available in limited quantities.  Prices upon request.

Squidgers are not available.

Felt mats are available, and come in the following convenient sizes (all sizes approximate).

Full-sized mat 3-feet by 6 feet Suitable for tournament play.

$45 + shipping

MinimatTM 3-feet by 1½-feet For serious practice wherever you find yourself, of the same quality as the full-sized mat

$14 + shipping

QuickmatTM 8-inches by 12-inches For on-the-spot practice in trains, planes, and automobiles.  And in Beltway traffic, and of course, on the subway.  This is of the same quality as the full-sized mat $3 + shipping

Contact Rick Tucker to determine the current availability and pricing of equipment and shipping charges.  In the UK, contact ETwA. is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
Contact Rick Tucker for anything relating to tiddlywinks!
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