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Alleghany Airlines Book Club Presents

A compendium of tiddlywinks perversions by Sunshine, February 1976

Table of contents


Incompleat Winx Rules


Complete rules have patent pending by Michael Crick. Squop is a 4 colour game in which each player has only 4 winks. Scoring is done on a 6-3-1 basis instead of the normal 4-2-1 split for Ist, 2nd, and 3rd place. The game can be won by either potting out or by squopping out the opponents before they are able to pot any winks.


2 players, many winks apiece, each player having a stationary squidger serving as their flag. Official and unofficial rules have been lost but our research has revealed that the object of the game was to totally squop the opponent's flag. As to how this was to be done or how one went about preventing such from happening, we don't know.


British perversion compleat with squidgers as goalies, 11 man teams, a passing game, an entire mat as a playing field, and lying down pots as goals. For rules contact Cyril Edwards. Also known as football.


This perversion is similar to the one for soccer but has never quite been adequately worked out. A playing surface of 18 by 36 inches is recommended, along with horizontal pots as goals, squidgers as goalies, and 6 winks to a team. Passing and forechecking (squopping) rules would be needed. Loss of a player and additional squop attempts for offended opponent would provide a poer play after squopping violations. is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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