Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, web sites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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13. Video and Audio

13.1 Films


Tiddly-Winks. Universal Pictures Corp. Content unknown. (see Copyrights)


Top Hat. RKO Radio Pictures. (Fred Astaire says "No Horace, and it isn't tiddlywinks, either.") (75% through) <v (VHS format)>


Meet John Doe. Frank Capra. (see Los Angeles Times, 14 Jun 1992) (free people can ‘beat the world at anything, from war to tiddlywinks, if we all pull in the same direction.’)


The Quiet Man. Argosy Pictures/Republic Pictures, John Ford. (Vicar says to Sean Thornton (John Wayne) "Do you play tiddlywinks?")


Zulu. Embassy. (WW6 page 7).


The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders. Kim Novak appears flicking coins into a glass.


Sunburn. Paramount. (Art Carney says "The mafia don't play tiddlywinks.")


The Awakenings. 1940s-era tiddlywinks set on shelf in opening scenes.

13.2 Newsreels

Mar 1958

Pathe News. Goons Match.

Mar 1958

British Movietone. Goons Match.

13.3 Television Coverage and Appearances—United States

Mar 1958

CBS coverage of Goons match

~9 May 1958

CBS coverage of Cambridge-Oxford match


Philadelphia coverage of University of Pennsylvania team

late Jun 1962

CBS filming of Oxford team in London


Others for both Oxford and Harvard, including probable New York coverage of Oxford


To Tell the Truth game show—Oxford winker


Dec 1962

Harvard, 15 minute demonstration on national TV (WW4 p9)

1962 or 1963

Tonight Show talk/variety show—Harvard winker


21 Jan 1963

I've Got a Secret game show—Harvard



Boston coverage of 1969 Continentals

3 Mar 1969

Charles Kuralt—On the Road, CBS Evening News for 5 minutes

12 Mar 1969

What's My Line game show—Mitch Wand


13 Apr 1970

Tonight Show talk/variety show—Phil Villar after 1970 Continentals



Dave Garroway Show? talk show (in Boston—Moishe & L after 1970 Continentals


Toronto (of Continentals?)


Provo UT on network television

1972 or 1973

To Tell the Truth game show—Tim Schiller

~13 Apr 1974

Toronto news show; Bill Renke at 1974 Canadian Pairs

Jan 1976

NBC Grandstand (during football halftime). Larry Kahn's hand, Harvard Lampoon

25 Apr 1977

WCVB Channel 5 Boston MA (ABC). Good Day Show talk/variety show. 9 AM - 10:30 AM. Charles Frankston and book author Paul Dickson

Jul 1977

WBZ Channel 4 Boston MA (NBC). 6 O'Clock News Sports segment. Jimmy Myers, sportscaster. Rich Steidle, Charles Frankston, Rick Tucker, and Joe Sachs. Taped in room 400, MIT Student Center, 5 Jul 1977.

3, 5 May 1978

Ithaca NY (according to TV listings in 29 Apr 1978 Ithaca Journal)

Dec 1978

Lockwood, 4 New York stations. News spots re exhibition at Morsan's store. Channels 2, 5, 9, and 4 or 11?.

14 Dec 1978

New York WOR-TV interview of Lockwood filmed


Rocky III joke on local news in Boston.

27 Feb 1980

[repeated 30 Jul 1980]Real People variety show, NBC-TV (filmed 21 Nov 1979); Dave Lockwood vs. Harvey Mudd College student in California. Part of the show intro included a teaser; segment ran from around 8:01 pm to 8:08 EST. Mentioned in various TV listings (see TV Guide and newspaper listings).


Jun 1980

To Tell the Truth game show—Dave Lockwood (recorded).


Aired 24 Nov 1980 in Boston

Aired 29 Dec 1980 in New York—10 am WABC

Aired Chicago, San Francisco

2-3 Aug 1980

WPIX-TV, New York NY news show. Dave Lockwood vs. Larry Kahn. Filmed at MIT Club of New York, 41st St. Drew Scott, newscaster, Severin Drix, commentator. Video intros at 11:39 pm, 11:52 pm. Audio intro at 11:57 pm. Actual segment at 12:03 to 12:04 am.


Games People Play, NBC-TV. Cambridge University and Oxford might appear (WW36 p2)

9 or 10 Feb 1981

KFSN Channel 30 Fresno CA (CBS). 3 minute film piece on sports news. Tim Schiller appeared.

14 Feb 1981

KFSN Channel 30 Fresno CA (CBS). Report after first day of Continentals

16 Feb 1981

KFSN Channel 30 Fresno CA (CBS). Report of final Continentals scores with short film clip.

Apr 1981

Filming of PM/Evening Magazine news/variety show by WNEP-TV Channel 16 Avoca PA. Filmed in Ithaca NY. Coverage of Pairs.

13-14 Feb 1982

Filming of PM/Evening Magazine news/variety show by WBZ-TV (?) Boston. Filmed in MIT Sala. Coverage of Continentals.

Apr or May 1982—6 minute segment broadcast by WBZ-TV (?).

25 Apr 1982

WIXT Channel 9 Syracuse NY, on the 5:30 to 6:00 news.

Bud's Journal on the "Foster-father of North American Tiddlywinks" about Severin Drix. Hosted by Bud Hechinger, produced by Bob Pierce.

<v:Drix (U-matic format)>

15 Feb 1984

WFSU-TV Florida State University

21 Feb 1984

WFSU-TV Florida State University

4 Dec 1985

WWRC-TV Channel 4 Washington DC, on the Live at 5 news show, Steve Doocy's segment. Video intro at 5:51 pm. Segment ran 5:56 pm to 5:59 pm. Re Larry Kahn, world champion.


1 Mar 1986

Cable News Network. Video footage of tiddlywinks. am.

week of 24 Nov 1986

CNN coverage of English Singles

14 Dec 1986

WTBS-TV Channel 17 Atlanta GA, on a Sunday morning magazine show. Coverage of English Singles, including Jon Mapley

25 Mar 1987

Good Morning America news/variety show, ABC-TV, 7 am to 9 am. Appearance of Steve McKee promoting his book, The Call of the Game. Mentions tiddlywinks


week of 12 Jan 1987

WMAR-TV Channel 2 Baltimore MD, on the 11 o'clock news. Interview of Kahn.

<v:Kahn (VHS)>

11 Jul 1987

WMGM-TV Channel 40, Wildwood-Atlantic City NJ. Newscenter 40 news, 11:25 pm. Coverage of Ocean City NJ demonstration.

late Jul 1988

Jeopardy, syndicated game show. 9 minutes into show.

Regular Jeopardy, category "Games", $400 answer: "Game in which a player can achieve squopping with his squidger, the larger disc". No player attempted it.

21 Sep 1988

WJZ-TV Channel 13, Baltimore MD. On 6 pm news at 6:28 pm (teaser) and after (before 7 pm). Interview of Jon Mapley.

<v (VHS)>

22 Sep 1988

WMAR-TV Channel 2, Baltimore MD. On local nightly news at 12:30 am. Results of World Singles, showing Larry Kahn.

17 Jan 1989

CNN Crossfire, 7:34 pm ET. LSU head basketball coach Dale Brown: "That doesn't mean taking tiddlywinks and basketweaving."

4 Dec 1989

CBS Magazine of the Air on American Airlines, eastbound. Coverage of World Pairs on 28 July 1989 between Dave Lockwood & Jim Marlin and Larry Kahn & Charles Relle.

20 Jul 1994

Jeopardy, syndicated game show. (Newswink mentioned in answer under the category "Organizations")

Oct 1994

Cleveland OH., around 10:55 pm ET. Coverage of promotional winks event at the Elise Newman Gallery arranged by Marg Calhoun.

Nov 1994

(expected) Larry Kahn appearance on Newark NJ station’s program.

12 Jan 1995

CourtTV. Judge Lance Ito (OJ Simpson Trial): "For all I know they may be playing tiddlywinks."


13.4 Television Coverage and Appearances—United Kingdom

26 Feb 1958

Sportsview—probably BBC

Mar 1958

++ITV coverage of Goons match

Jun 1958

Coverage of Cambridge-Bristol match

Jul 1958

Television Wales & West—John Evans of Cambridge


Other appearances by John Evans

~19 Feb 1961

BBC & Anglia. Oxford vs. Cambridge (WW1 page 3)

Easter 1961

ITV & BBC. First Prince Philip Silver Wink Competition. Oxford over Cambridge (WW2 page 1)


University College London on BBC & ITV

~2-3 Jan 1964

Sixth Northern Junior Championships (WW5 page 1)

Jan 1964

Coverage of talk about changing the name of the game (WW5 page 8)

15 Feb 1965

BBC (Scotland) and Granada. Martin O'Shea, Helen Mathers, Charles McLeod, Iain Brodie. Demo and interview. (WW8 page 16)

~4 Apr 1965

BBC (Midland Region). 1965 Congress. (WW8 page 11)

~21 Apr 1965

BBC (Welsh Region). England vs. Wales. Penny Gardner & Pat Bonham. (WW8 pages 3, 11)

~Apr-Oct 1965

BBC2 panel game show Pick the WInner. Tony Herbert & Geoff Wilsher

~Apr-Oct 1965

BBC2 Late Night Line-Up. Geoff Wilsher

~5 Jan 1966

BBC & Granada. Northern Junior Championships (WW9 page 3)

~8 Jan 1967

First Irish Tiddlywinks Convention (2 appearances). (WW11 page 7)

5 Apr 1968

BBC regional. Charles Relle appearance. (WW13 page 1)

28 Mar 1972

BBC & ITV news. Tim Schiller, Franz Christ, and Alan Dean appear live on BBC for $30, and on ITV in the middle of the 1972 World Team Championship (WW21 page 17)

late Feb 1973

Both TV channels. Cambridge vs. Oxford at Christ's College. (WW22 page 12)


Match of the Day pilot film by Mike Moss. Jon Mapley, Nigel Knowles, and Alan Dean appear. (WW34 page 2)

~14 Oct 1979

BBC East. Interview of Jon Mapley after National Singles.


ITV interview with Jon Mapley re World Singles

21 Nov 1980

BBC Today (South TV). Lockwood interview.

21 Nov 1988

(scheduled) BBC Look East. Coverage of English Singles in Cambridge, filmed 20 Nov 1988.

13.5 Television Coverage and Appearances—Canada

before Oct 1966

Waterloo interview (WW10 page 9)

~13-15 Oct 1966

CBC national news coverage of University of Waterloo marathon (WW11 page 6)

~19-22 Jan 1967

CBC national coverage of University of Toronto marathon (WW11 page6)

~27-28 Oct 1967

CBC. Waterloo Continentals (WW12 page 9)

Dec 1985

CBC. Taped Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club, 4 Dec 1985.

13.6 Television Coverage and Appearances—Other Countries

July 1988

[planned] Just for the Record, Australian prime-time television.

Filmed 10 May 1988 at Kahn residence, Silver Spring MD. Breaking Guinness 4 pot relay record with 39.

13.7 Videotape

21 Sep 1988

World Singles match between Kahn and Mapley at Original Sports Bar, Baltimore MD, 8 pm to 11:30 pm.

<v (VHS)>

13.8 Television Shows

Coverage of tiddlywinks events and shows including winkers as guests are listed in the section Television Coverage and Appearances, above.


early 1960s

The Dick van Dyke Show


The Avengers

13 Jan 1978

NBC-TV. Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. "NBC is carrying a tiddlywinks competition" against the Super Bowl.

3 Jan 1979

ABC-TV. Eight is Enough. "Let's go play tiddlywinks."

21 Mar 1979

CBS-TV. The Jeffersons. Joke about tiddlywinks tournament.

~late Mar 1979

Walt Disney. Donald Duck cartoon. Joke about firemen playing tiddlywinks with spots on dalmation.

~17 Sep 1979

Family Feud game show. Mention of word "tiddlywinks".


ABC-TV. Happy Days. Halloween show. Fonz and kids play game in hospital suite.

21 Mar 1981

Agronsky and Company. ~7:17pm WDVM-TV Channel 9 Washington DC. Carl Rowan says "... sit down and play tiddlywinks".

14 Aug 1981

Benny Hill. WDCA-TV Channel 20 Washington DC. Benny Hill sings song with "tiddlywinks" and "tiddle" / "wink".

7 Jul 1983

M*A*S*H. WTTG-TV Channel 5 Washington DC. Col. Potter says "Tough tiddlywinks". Show includes Larry Linville.

8 Feb 1984

ABC-TV. 20/20 news magazine show. Segment on game Trivial Pursuit.

12 May 1991

Black Adder. Episode "Goodbye". WETA-TV Channel 26 (PBS) Washington DC, 10:30 pm. Four references to tiddlywinks played at Cambridge University. (George: "Myself and the rest of the fellows leapfrogging down to the Cambridge recruiting office and then playing tiddlywinks in the queue. We had hammered Oxford's tiddlywinkers only the week before, and there we were, off to hammer the Boche!") (George: "Gosh, yes, I, I suppose I'm the only one of the Trinity Tiddlers still alive. ") (George: "I mean, I'm the last of the tiddlywinking leapfroggers from the Golden Summer of 1914.")



Frugal Gourmet. Jeff Smith, host. ("Played with it ‘like it was a tiddlywink’ " regarding a large container of parmigiana reggiana.)


13.9 Radio Coverage and Appearances—United States


Today Show (Monitor Radio). University of Pennsylvania team.


Oxford (several appearances).

~30-31 Oct 1962

WBZ Boston MA. Harvard—Simmons on the Bob Kennedy Show.

Also another appearance.

Spring 1970

Haverford (PA) High School radio.

early 1972


~Jan 1974

WMEX Boston MA. Trivia Quiz show of Joe Albioni. Question by Tucker

?30 Mar 1978

Morgantown WV station. Lockwood.

May 1978

WOR New York NY. Lockwood. Rambling with Gambling.

May 1978

West Virginia. Lockwood.

May 1978

KSD? St. Louis MO. Lockwood.

20 Oct 1978

Boston MA. Re potting records in Guinness Book of Records.

Oct 1978

WMAL-AM Washington DC. Boring Facts show. Re potting records mentioned in Guinness Book of Records.

27 Nov 1978

KFAB Omaha NE. Mike Matt Show. Lockwood.

30 Nov 1978

WHIO Dayton OH. Lockwood.

13 Dec 1978

WRIF Detroit MI. Lockwood.

Mar 1979

Columbus OH. Toads team.

21 May 1979

WGSO New Orleans LA. Lockwood.

1 Jun 1979

KPAC Port Arthur TX. Lockwood.

Jun 1979

Earth News Syndicate. Recorded interview with Lockwood.

Apr 1980

Ithaca NY. World Singles.

19 Oct 1980

WMBR-FM MIT Cambridge MA. 5pm. Scheduled appearance of Ross Callon

26 Dec 1980

WRRR Rockford IL. 10am. Lockwood interview.

7 Nov 1981

National Public Radio taping. World Singles at Haverford (PA) College, Dave Lockwood vs. Larry Kahn. By Debbie Sackner? of WUHY Philadelphia.

12 Nov 1981

WAMU-FM Washington DC, 7:31 pm, 7:55 pm. All Things Considered. Broadcast of NPR coverage of World Singles at Haverford PA.


Mar 1984

Palm Springs CA. Stan & Ed Show. Larry Kahn.

(Kahn may have tape)

12 Mar 1984

KVET Austin TX. Larry Kahn

~ May 1984

WAMU-FM Washington DC, 6:42 am, 8:22 am. Broadcast of NPR interview with Kahn.


31 Jan 1986

WDVT-AM (900 AM) Philadelphia PA, 8:17 am to 8:23 am. Peter Kilden's Morning Rush. Rick Tucker interview.

4 Feb 1987

KIUP/K... Durango CO, am. Kahn interview.


26 Jun 1994

<e> NPR Weekend Edition, Sunday. "Irish Soccer Fans Fervently Support World Cup Team" ("The Mexicans will play around all day, do tiddlywinks the ball, but, if it doesn't go in the net, it doesn't count for anything, you know.")

7 Jul 1996

WTOP-AM Washington DC. 11:45 am. Jack Eden’s Over the Garden Fence. (Playing tiddlywinks on lawn after using Merit, indicating how safe it is.)

13.10 Radio Coverage and Appearances—United Kingdom

Mar 1958

BBC. Goons. Tape exists of match, lunch, and interviews. See WR.


Mar 1958

BBC. Saturday Night on the Light. After Goons match.

10 Mar 1958

BBC Radio. Goon Show. "Tiddleywinks" or "Tiddleywinks Theft". 24th show of 8th series, written by Spike Milligan with John Snagge. Script or tape may exist.


~2-3 Jan 1964

Sixth Northern Junior Championship. WW5 page 1.

Jan 1964

BBC Radio Newsreel. Discussion with Peter Downes re changing the name of the game. WW5 page 8, WW6 page 11.

21 Mar 1964

BBC Radio Newsreel. Silver Wink semifinals at Manchester. WW6 page 1.

~4 Apr 1965

BBC. Third International Tiddlywinks Congress.

~Apr-Oct 1965

BBC. Sports Session. Guy Consterdine. WW8 page 11.

~8 Jan 1967

First Irish Tiddlywinks Convention. WW11 page 7.

~4 Apr 1971

Radio Manchester.

5 Apr 1971

BBC. 7:30am. Debate of name "Tiddlywinks" vs. "Winks" by Bungy Wells and Phil Tepper. Tom Heaney of BBC. WW19 page 1.

29 Apr 1971

Radio 4. Today. Live coverage of Rosie Wain—Alan Dean match. Dennis Frost and Michael Aspel of BBC. WW19 page 8.


Jan 1972

Northern Junior Championship. WW20 page 2.

28 Mar 1972

World Team Championship. WW21 page 17.

28 Mar 1972

Radio Solent. 1972 World Team Championship. WW21 page 17.

late Feb 1973

Cambridge vs. Oxford. WW22 page 16.

21 Jun 1973

World Singles.


Historical discussion mentioned by Paul Dickson in his book, The Mature Person's Guide.

~17 Jul 1978

Southampton interview at World Pairs. Keith Seaman & Alan Dean vs. Severin Drix & Larry Kahn.



Charles Relle. Two broadcasts re National Games Day. WW34 page 2.

4 Jul 1981

Radio Manchester. Live coverage of Manchester Open. WW38 page 1.

Dec 1985

BBC. Taped coverage of World Singles at Oxford between Kahn and Dean on 1 Dec 1985.


13.11 Radio Coverage and Appearances—Canada

~27-28 Oct 1967

CHYM Waterloo or Kitchener. 1967 Waterloo Continentals. CHYM donated trophy. WW12 page 9.

early 1970?

Lindsay Horenblas interview.

5 Dec 1971

Lindsay Horenblas interview.

13.12 Music

There are numerous copyrights for published and unpublished musical works with "tiddlywinks" or variant in the title, content unknown. See Copyrights.


Tiddlywinks Anthem, by Rev. E. A. Willis. To the tune of Men of Harlech. See WR.


Feb 1976

NATwA Songbook.



Larry Kahn's song starting "Now here's the tale of Renaissance". See NATwA Songbook, Oct 1981.


16 Feb 1980

Song sung by Scott Hirsh and Bill Gammerdinger at opening of 1980 Continentals. See NATwA Songbook, Oct 1981.

Sep 1980

Tiddlywinks. Album by NRBQ, Rounder Records.

<o (CD)>

Oct 1981

NATwA Songbook, second edition.


13.13 Miscellaneous Video and Audio

(Names of television and radio stations)


Radio station WINX, 1600 AM. Rockville MD.


Radio station WINK. Cincinnati OH.


Radio station Wink-104. WNNK, Harrisburg PA.