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T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Visual Art

Date Title Publisher Description  Notes
1892 TIDDLEDY‑WINKS Louis Prang & Co.

Chromolithograph depicting four cats playing tiddlywinks.

C#1047, Animal Card series.

Artist:  Miss Susan A. Winn.  #2248 Design 4. 

Size:  18 by 14 1/4 inches, 50 cent plain mat. 


Original, photographic image, digital image (NATwA)

Original (Boston Public Library Print Department, Cabinet 80.223.2; also has proof)

Publisher's proofs (New York Public Library, Catalog Call Number MEYK+, Digital ID 488642, Record ID: 301597)

(See Copyrights)

  Tiddley Winks William Somerville Shanks, artist, born 1864, died 1951

Painting, oil on canvas, depicting two girls wearing long dresses playing tiddlywinks on a small table with a carpet on it

Size: 23.4 by 35.4 inches

Sold by Sotheby's on 19 Nov 2008 for £181,250
2006 Lackadaisy Tiddlywinks Tracy J. Butler

Pencil, drawing. Depicts a cat shooting winks into a cup

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