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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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Museum Exhibits

NOTE: Some parts of this section are out-of-date.

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum

1525 Bernice Street, P.O. Box 19000-A, Honolulu HI 96817.

Exhibit of a game called Lafoga, with small discs on a map, and larger objects made of stitched coconut shells. (information updated 1989)

Boston Museum of Science

8 Jun - 1 Sep 1986 Boston Museum of Science, "Science of Sports" original program (NATwA)
2 Aug 1986 Boston Museum of Science, "Today's Programs" original program (NATwA)

Museum of Childhood

Hyndford's Close, 34 High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tiddlywinks set and fish-shaped shooter. Date given as circa 1850 (not considered correct by NATwA).

Game Preserve

Ms. Lee Dennis, Peterborough NH 03458.

Old American sets. (many sold in 1988)

Museum of the History of Science (UK)

Annual Report 1 Aug 2008 to 31 Jul 2009 Page 12
  • ‘10/10 CIRCLE’ was held on 18 July, linked to the ‘Compass & Rule’ exhibition, with the familiar mix of tours, trails, talks and family activities, as well as music and film. One of the novelties was a demonstration by the English Tiddlywinks Association.


Leicestershire County Council museums (UK)

Donated 1970 "Hupkins" game. Reference L.H400.1970.0.0. Production date: "1820" [sic, likely to be around 1890]  

Lilly Library

University of Indiana, Bloomington

Norsk Kulturråd (Norway)

Inventory # 2871

Title: Schach; Dame-Mühle; Floh-Spiel



Parker Brothers Museum (now part of Hasbro)

Salem MA 01970.

Sets dating to 1890s.

Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology

4 Jul 1980 Smithsonian badges for Tiddlywinks Workshop in the Museum of History and Technology original (NATwA)
5 Jan 1980 Photographs taken by Smithsonian photographer at the Tiddlywinks Workshop held in the Museum of History and Technology  

Spielzeugmuseum Nürnberg (Germany)

Games information available online at

Inventory # 1986.314

Company: J. W. Spear und Söhne.



Inventory # 1981.842


Description: mushroom set. Flohspiel on the rules.


Inventory # 1984.1179

Company: J. W. Spear und Söhne

Description: mushroom set

Inventory # 1982.1810

Description: Metal cylinder with head protuding from top.

Inventory # 1974.1186

J. W. Spear und Söhne.

Title: Knips Spiel.

Description: red mushroom set.

Inventory # 1998.647

Company: J. W. Spear und Söhne.

Title: Knips das neue Flohspiel

Inventory # 1998.593

Company: Selecta Spiel u. Hobby BV.

Title: Flohspiel; Jeu de Puces; Tiddley Winks; Vlooienspel

Inventory # 1971-238

Company: Verlag von Gustav Weise?

Title: Knips-Spiel. (Tiddledy-Winks)

Inventory # 1968.192 Description: red wooden mushroom set  
Inventory # 1987.851

Title: Tiddledy Winks

Description: red wooden mushroom set

Inventory # 1985.645 Description: wooden mushroom set with red spotted top, white sides, green at bottom  
Inventory # 1974.1023 Description: rectangular wooden box with hinge. may be gaming chips and dish or may be tiddlywinks. Chips are painted with a stylized bird  
Inventory # GS10.68

Company: J. W. Spear und Söhne

Title: Vier verschiedene; Knips-Spiele

Date: 1935 [per website]

Inventory # 1989.478

Company: ASS-Verlag? : Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken AG, Vereinigte?

Date: 1970

Description: mushroom set with red top and white sides

Inventory # 1980.1964

Title: Kuba-Tisch-Fußball u. Knips-Spiel

Description: European football with metal mesh goals
Inventory # 1976.866

Description: From Czechoslovakia. Plastic yellow square case.

Date: before 1975

Inventory # 1969.946 Title: Knips Spiel; Tiddledy Winks  
Inventory # 1980.1959

Company: ABC-Verlag G.m.b.H. Tietz u. Pinthus / Tietz u. Pinthus

Title: Spiel Magazin

Description: game compendium

Inventory # 1998.939

Company: J. W. Spear und Söhne

Title: Compendium of Games
Inventory # 1998.799

Company: Spear, J. W., und Söhne

Title: Spielesammlung - 9 beliebte Spiele
Inventory # 1998.940

Company: Spears Games

Title: Epping Compendium of Games

Inventory # 1989.467

Company: ASS-Verlag : Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken AG, Vereinigte

Title: Das grosse Spiele Magazin mit 15 Spielen

Inventory # 1998.942

Company: Spears Games

Title: Enfield Compendium of Games

Inventory # 1998.146

Company: Josef Friedrich Schmidt

Title: 12 Spiele

Inventory # 1978.3442 Description: red wooden mushroom set with white spots on top  

The Strong National Museum of Play (Rochester, New York, US)

  • photograph of cover
  • The Jolly Tiddledy Winks Target Game
  • McLoughlin Brothers game makers of New York produced the "Jolly Toddledy Wink Target Game" in 1903. Tiddledy Winks took the United States by storm soon after its introduction in England, in 1889. A circus and target theme on the box cover hints at the pleasure of this McLoughlin game.

Original (The Strong National Museum of Play, Object ID 107.4122)

Original (Tucker)

St. Albans Museums (UK)


University Museum

33rd & Spruce Streets, Philadelphia PA 19174.

May have set from 1893 Chicago World's Fair exhibit.

Victoria & Albert Museum (UK)

1910-1915 (published)

Grasshopper, a Parlour Game

Museum Number: MISC.59-1975

"Design: a flipping board and square counters; all contained in a box with sliding lid"

ca. 1910

J. Jaques & Son, The New Round Game Tiddledy-Winks, By Letters Patent

Museum Number: MISC.305-1986


"'Our Boys'' Compendium of Popular Games" by Chad Valley Company Limited.

Museum Number: MISC.102&:1 to 13-1983

"The games are described under their own titles.
*Skilly, Tidleywinks and Blow Football are described in Table Games."

"Box lid label signed Max Pollock"

1912 (published)

"The Circuit of Europe; Trademark regd. no 34575 1912" by F. H. Ayres, London, E.C.

Museum Number: MISC.832-1986

"Design: green baize, 16 monoplanes in 4 colours; 6 flags, 4 large celluloid discs."

"The game is played like tidleywinks."

"Equipment required: baize
original box

Rules: Card box covered with dark blue paper and a pictorial label giving the title, marks and an illustration of planes, flags and cyclists in a rural setting.
6 flags of printed coloured paper backed with linen
16 MONOPLANES, in 4 colours - blue, red, yellow and white; made of wing shaped thin celluloid with a thick celluloid disc glued to the middle ( of the same colour except 2 yellow wings which have white discs.)
4 large celluloid disc of matching colours."


1920s-1930s (published)

Table game. "Design: tower with bell of lithographed tin".

"The aim of the game is to flip a tidleywink into the tower to make the bell ring.
The top part of the tower can be removed to reveal the hollow base. It may have been used to store candy or the tidleywinks."

"Rules: The lithographed tin tower has illustrations of 2 mounted knights in gold armour killing two blue/ green dragons with a lance in order to rescue a lady who looks out of a latticed window on 2 sides of the tower. On the other sides of the tin are illustrations o f an arched gateway with a door and portcullis, shields and crests."

"Production Note: unknown - mark: circle with two vertical lines and one line sloping from upper left to lower right"

1927 (published)


Museum Number: MISC.53-1983

"Design: turned wooden cup and celluloid counters"

"The card box has the title printed in silver on the lid; the inside has 7 compartments"

"Equipment required: 6 sets of 5 counters (1large and 4 small), yellow, blue, red, pink, green, white which has a large blue counter; in individual bags
wooden cup stained yellow, with two brown stripes
original box
instructions sheet"

1930's (made)

Tiddleywinks, Ilkeston Toys Ltd. [sic: date not aligned to manufacturer.]

Museum Number: B.139:1 to 4-2004

1930s (published)

Clock Tidleys, Glevum Series

Museum Number: MISC.639:1-1992

"Design: circle of varnished wood marked in black to show a clock face with roman numerals and the hands pointing to 17½ minutes past 12; in front of each number is a semicircular indent.
No. of pieces: 19 "

"The box label is printed in colours to show an illustration of two men in 19th century costume standing in front of a shop with a sign JOHN BULLS CLOCKS. Right corner show trademark, left MADE IN ENGLAND."

"Equipment required: 5 large celluloid discs
14 small celluloid discs"

"Rules: Rules pasted to inside of lid."

"glevum series; price label - a g day buntingford, 2/6-"

1930s (published)

Table game. The Chad Valley Games

Museum Number: MISC.115-1988

"Design: card row of 5 figures joined together with a compartment in front of each and a wooden cup attached to each figure; plastic balls; catapult devices of a round block of wood and a metal ring that can be pulled back when the ball is placed in it"

"Figures are Walt Disney characters - horse, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and cow [Clarabelle]."

"No. of Players: any
Equipment required: 5 balls, 2 green, yellow, pink and blue
instructions sheet on inside of lid
original box printed to show the five figures all standing on a wall"

1930s to 1950s (published)

"Gaming Counters"/"Board Game" by Chad Valley Company Limited

Museum Number: MISC.479-1981

"May be gaming counters but also tidleywinks counters. The colour and size groupings are not even."

"Equipment required: 36 discs divided into yellow, red, blue and green and in size 1in, 7/8in and 5/8in. Contained in card box divided into 2 compartments; on box are two sample cards showing TRIGGER FISH AND angel fish"

1935 (published)

The Ernest Sewell Tiddleytennis; the new and popular game for two, four or more players

Museum Number: MISC.819-1986

"Design: green cloth marked out in white with title at each end; wood posts and square plinths painted white; white net; 8 counters of celluloid"

"Box lid shows the title, maker and illustration of game being played by four people.
Gold and red paper seal pasted to lower left corner of lid shows a crown in the centre with the maker's details around it."

"No. of Players: 2,4 +
Equipment required: counters, 2 large white, 5 small white, 1 small green
playing surface, cloth
original box covered with green paper and printed label
instructions on inside of lid"

"the ernest sewell series. crowned with success. prov. Pat. 22857/35"

1940s (published)

Table game.

Museum Number: MISC.381-1986

"Design: octagonal wooden cup, bone counters in red, yellow,blue, green; box base has a square cut out to put the cup inside"

"No. of Players: any
Equipment required: 16 bone counters; 1 plastic
playing surface
original green card box with lid marked TIDLEY WINKS
instructions on inside of lid"

1950s (published)

Table game. The Chad Valley Games.

Museum Number: MISC.165-1987

"Design: playing surface bottom of box marked 1 to 8, brown plastic cup in the middle; 16 coloured counters"

"No. of Players: any
Equipment required: 9 small counters and 7 large ones - blue, navy, red, yellow, green
playing surface divided into 8 sections - red, green, yellow, blue with white, red, yellow or blue numbers
original box
instructions on inside of lid"


1950s (published)

Table game.

Museum Number: MISC.221-1987

"Design: celluloid counters, red and blue; flippers in conical shaped flat white"

1959 (published)

Tales of Wells Fargo by Bell Ltd.

Museum Number: B.88:1 to 15-2010

"This board game was based on the popular televisions series, Tales of Wells Fargo, which was produced in the USA between 1957 and 1962. The story was set in the mid 19th century and regarded a company troubleshooter in the American West. The game involves moving your playing pieces (tiddlywinks, to represent cowboys) around the board, according to numbers on a spinner, to try and recover stolen valuables which have been robbed from passengers on a Wells Fargo stage coach voyage. It is simple in design, and cheaply made, almost entirely from cardboard. The game represents an early adaptation of a television drama into board game format."

"board games] Cardboard protector for token money.
[board games] Light green paper rectangle printed in blue with Token Money, $500.
[board games] Light blue paper rectangle printed in blue with Token Money, $100.
[board games] Lilac paper rectangle printed in blue with Token Money, $50.
[board games] 8 plastic tiddlywinks, 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green.
[board games] 3 circular cardboard tokens printed on one side with red background, and black illustration of a banking chest and $1200.
[board games] 8 plastic tiddlywinks, 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green.
[board games] 3 circular cardboard tokens printed on one side with yellow background, and black illustration of a bag of silver and $600.
[board games] 3 circular cardboard tokens printed on one side with green background, and black illustration of some furs and $300.
[board games] Cardboard spinner, with plastic arrow attached with metal rivet and washer. Printed with a circle with numbers, and images of 19th century coaches.
[board games] Paper sheet printed in black with instructions for playing the game, folded in half.
[board games] Cardboard rectangle with eight circles punched out of it. Printed in colour with blue, green, yellow and red sections.
[board games] Cardboard game base, designed to stay inside the box base. Printed with illustrations. Yellow background, with a white route with red, blue, green and black dots representing the spaces, with Wild West related illustrations surrounding.
[board games] Cardboard box base with red paper reinforcing the edges.
[board games] Printed paper covered cardboard box lid. Features black and white photographic image of a cowboy with horse, against an illustrated background of the Wild West."



Maxine Waldron Collection of Children's Books and Paper Toys (Wintertur Museum, Delaware, US)

  • The Waldron Collection counts among its holdings over 100 McLoughlin imprints and games such as “The Round Game of Tiddledy Winks” and “Red Riding Hood & the Wolf,” “Dottie Dimple” paper dolls, Palmer Cox Brownie figures, and Tom Thumb dolls.

Weston-super-mare Museum


Flirting Crickets ~1870s (via Mary Hillier)


Clubs & Associations

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club (CUTwC), Cambridge, England.
c/o Queens’ College, Cambridge England

Minute books 1955 to date, press clippings 1947 to date

English Tiddlywinks Association (ETwA)
Correspondence, etc., 1958 to date.

North American Tiddlywinks Association (NATwA) Archives
c/o Rick Tucker, 4651 Kinsey Lane, Alexandria VA 22311-4916 USA

Documents, clippings, tournament records, etc., including Drix collection.

Scottish Tiddlywinks Association (ScotTwA)
St. Andrews University
St. Andrews, Scotland, UK


Rick Tucker

4651 Kinsey Lane, Alexandria VA 22311-4916 USA

Research files re modern tournament game and origins and history of tiddlywinks. Tournament statistics. NATwA, ETwA, ScotTwA publications. Antique sets. Photographs. Correspondence.

Fred Shapiro

Research files re modern tournament game and origins and history of tiddlywinks. Historical tiddlywinks lexicography. Correspondence.

Bill Renke

Newton MA

Closet of Fame, originals of many NATwA publications, MITTwA material, major NATwA collection, many clippings.

Severin Drix

Major collection re NATwA History.

Ferd T. Bull

Major collection re NATwA History. Photographs

Michael Crick, Mike Gottesman, Alfred Goldberg

National Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Societry (NUTS) materials.

Daniel Dern

Photographs, video.

Buck Webb, Bob Henninge, Jim Koschella



Tournament Statistics.

Dave Lockwood, Joe Sachs, Tim Schiller, Scott Hirsh, etc.


Charles Relle, Alan Dean, Jon Mapley, Andy Purvis

ETwA collections.


MIT Archives

Room 14N-118, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139.

The Tech, Tech Talk, Thursday, MIT News Office Press Releases, Technique, Technology Review, others.

MIT News Office

Room 5-111, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139.

Tech Talk, press releases, MIT Observer, files.

Harvard Archives

Cambridge MA 02138.

Gargoyle, yearbooks, bibliography of Harvard tiddlywinks references.

Cornell Archives

Ithaca NY.

Photographs, yearbooks, Cornell Daily Sun, press releases.

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

Coryphaeus and The Chevron newspapers.

Museums and Archives

Archives Hub (UK)

  • File: Tiddlywinks Society
    Reference Number VSS/1/162
    Dates of Creation 1959-1966
    Physical Description 1 folder
  • Scope and Contents: Established in 1959 for the playing of tiddlywinks.

National Archives of Australia

  • Title: Requests for Royal favours - Sydney University Tiddlywinks Society
  • Contents date range: 1966 - 1967
  • Series number: A2880
  • Control symbol: 27/2/103
  • Item barcode: 8341866
  • Location: Canberra
  • Access status: Open
  • Date of decision: 22 Dec 2011
  • Physical format: PAPER FILES AND DOCUMENTS (allocated at series level)
  • Extent: 0.25cm
  • Date registered: 17 Aug 2004

Spear's Game Archives, England

Nuremberg Toy Museum / Museen der Stadt Nürnberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York

V&A Museum of Childhood (formerly the Bethnal Green Museum), London

Le Musée Suisse du Jeu, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive of Games, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1

Public Sources

Library of Congress

Washington DC 20540

American Stationer trade magazine, John Kendrick Bangs books, most other books, periodicals, etc.

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

See patents and trademarks

Alexandria VA

U. S. Copyright Office

See copyrights

Library of Congress, Madison Building, Washington DC 20559

Boston Public Library

Copley Square, Boston MA 02117

British patent specifications, British Trade Marks Journal, Louis Prang chromolithograph, etc.

National Library of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Copies of early Newswinks

Organizations, Companies

National Geographic Library

1146 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20036

Clippings file: Sports & Games—Tiddlywinks

Oxford University Press

Oxford English Dictionary

37a St. Giles, Oxford, England OX1 3LD

Files of word quotations

G. & C. Merriam Co.

Webster's Dictionaries

47 Federal Street, Springfield MA 01101

Files of word quotations.

Collectors, Researchers

Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors

Archives of game rules, company histories, company catalogs

Games database with images and rules:

Game rules and catalog pages:

R. C. Bell


Old J. Jaques set.

Rally & Lee Dennis (deceased)

The Game Preserve, 110 Spring Road, Peterborough NH 03458.

Collection sold 1988.

Herb Siegel

Wyncote PA 19095.

Old sets. Collection sold 1992.

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