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T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Reprinted from the Spectator [UK], 28 February 1958

By Strix


Non sequitur

Several months ago I wrote an article which was intended to be a skit on all those fearless, readily marketable articles attacking the Royal Family.  I called it 'Does Prince Philip Cheat at Billiard Fives?'  At the printer's this title was found to be too long to fit the space available, and 'billiard fives' was altered to 'tiddlywinks.'

This (according to my newspaper) inspired some Cambridge undergraduates to challenge Prince Philip to a match at tiddlywinks.  Prince Philip -- or so the newspaper says -- declined the challenge but nominated the Goons as his champions; and on Saturday the contest will take place in the Cambridge Guildhall, where all the available seats, to the number of 600, have been sold.

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