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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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The Buckingham Post (Quebec)

15 May 1959 Page 4 Column 3

"Tiddlywinks No Game for Sissies"

  • "Tiddlywinks is a game for four players, those who play opposite each other being partners. The aim of the game is to flick the winks into the pot"

    In the quick wake of the sceduling of the tiddlywink match between the undisputed champion of the British Isles, Cambridge University, and the University of Chicago, a number of significant reactions have been recorded in the Windy City.

    For one, the university's student paper has devoted a half page of its paper to printing the international rules of tiddlywinks—from which the aforementioned definitoin of the game is taken.

    At the same time, Rochelle Dubnow, editor of the paper—The Maroon—hinted at the type of unexpected opposition the Cambridge aggregation may have to face here next September.

    "We find nothing in the rules that prohibits young women from taking part, Miss Dubnow said.

    "Although sporting codes are customarily thrown to the winds in tiddlywinks competition," she said, "we suspect the long tradition of British gallantry toward womebn may prove too much for even these battle hardened veterans.

    "And one show of gallantry may cost them the match."

    At the same time the university's director of athletics, Walter L. Hass, scoffed at the idea that tiddlywinks is a "sissy's sport." He grimly pointed out that there were "split thumbnails, flying winks which threaten players and spectators alike." He said that "thse are the considerable hazards of the game."
Digital copy (NATwA)

Canadian Magazine

(Sunday supplement to Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Daily Star, etc.; also sold as The Canadian Star Weekly)

6 Feb 1971 Page 24 "He squidges! He pots!". Photo
1 May 1971 Page 15 "Canada's great tiddlywinks hope: they wound up third". Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)

Evening Standard (unknown city)

29 May 1971

Montreal Star

2 Oct 1971

Ottawa Citizen

22 Jan 1971 Page 24 "Squidging... ...squopping"/"That strategic, gripping and growing sport—tiddlywinks". Photo
28 Apr 1971 Page 3 "`Squidgeoff' to Pick Top `Winkers'"

Ottawa Journal

12 Dec 1970 Page 4 "`Squidgeoff' with Ottawa's Tiddlywinks Team". 2 photos Original (NATwA/Drix)
29 Apr 1971 Page 3
3 May 1971 Page 10 "Mr. Tiddle and General Wink". Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)

Toronto Daily Star

22 Feb 1969 Page 7 "This team pots out, squidges and squops". Photo

Toronto Telegram

11 Feb 1971 Page 61
15 Feb 1971 Page 4


~13 Feb 1966 Many about Waterloo (Winking World 9, Page 5; Winking World 10, Page 9)
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