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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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School Publications—Canada

Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Carleton This Week

_ ?Apr 1971
7 May 1971 Page 1

Carleton University press release

27 Apr 1971 Page 61

University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The Varsity (University of Toronto)

March 1967 "Engineers confirmed as world tiddley champs" Original (EtwA)

Toike Oike (University of Toronto engineers)

9 Feb 1967 Page 2 Letter to the editor from Bryon Alexandroff Original (EtwA)
March 1967 "Skule Gets Worldwide Recognition in Tiddlywinks" Original (EtwA)

University of Toronto magazine

1 May 1971

(University of Toronto paper)

__ Feb 1971

University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

The Chevron (student newspaper at the University of Waterloo) (formerly the Coryphaeus)

28 Jan 1965 Volume 5 Number 24 Page 8 col 5

"Intramural Hockey" by Russ Collins.

  • The Science-Engineering game is worthy of note. Not really, but it wouldn’t be cricket to discuss tiddly winks under the title of hockey.
4 Nov 1966 Volume 7 Number 14 Page 1 col 2

"Winkers hopes up"

  • The Tiddlywinks Club will fly to the Silver Winks playoffs in England, even if they have to cling to the wings of a Sopwith Camel.
2 Dec 1966 Volume 7 Number 18 Page 3

"5 bucks offered to tiddlywinks"

  • The tiddlywinks club--North American champions--hopes to travel to England in February to compete for the Silver Wink, the international championship.
17 Mar 1967 Volume 7 Number 29 Page 16 col 3

"This week on campus"/"Wednesday"

  • At 8:30 in the Village dining hall is the annual general meeting of the TIDDLYWINKS CLUB.
21 Jul 1967 Volume 8 Number 11 Page 3 col 1

"Major open-house will mark Tenth Anniversary celebrations

  • The university tiddlywinks club, defending North American champions, will host a North American tiddlywinks tournament--in Canada for the first time.
6 Oct 1970 Volume 11 Number 19

"Tiddlewink ten tiddle"

  • However, the turnout at the Tiddlywinks Club's first meeting in almost three years could hardly be called overwhelming. About ten people came to learn the game which brought this campus its only north american championship in 1966.
21 Sep 1971 Volume 12 Number 15 Page 8 col 3

Photo of marathon.

  • The university of Waterloo varsity tiddlywinks team have this year decided to adopt the warrior name as they work to regain the North American championship lost three years ago to Cornell. The pic above is from the 56 hour tiddlywinks marathon held from years ago, which set a new world record.
8 Nov 1974 Volume 15 Number 20 Page 8 col 1

"OPIRG board of governors elections Nov. 4"/"Here are the candidates"

  • It is standard practice in student election campaigns for candidates to begin by reciting a long list of obscure and irrelevant accomplishments (such as tiddlywinks champion of Village 1 72-73)

Coryphaeus (student newspaper at the University of Waterloo) (became The Chevron)

18 Nov 1965 Volume 6 Number 11 Page 1

"TIDDLYWINKS IS HERE"/"Squidge winks into the pot" with photo of Charles MacLeod and John Douglas

  • Once we've got a good team, we're going to beat all the teams in the States like MIT and Harvard, and then we’ll declare ourselves champions of North America. And can you imagine Waterlootheran and U of T admitting that they can’t even provide a team to challenge us?
6 Jan 1966 Volume 6 Number 15 Page 2

"Yearbook schedules club pix

  • 5:00 pm Tiddlywinks Club
13 Jan 1966 Volume 6 Number 16 Page 2 Column 2

"Tiddlywinks may get $1,000 grant if Council keeps rubberstamping"

  • Thus there is a good chance that if page seven of the board of student activities meeting listed a motion granting the Tiddlywinks Club $1,000 council would probably stamp it approved.
27 Jan 1966 Volume 6 Number 18 Page 4 Column 3

"Tiddlywinks match nears"

  • The Tiddlywinks Club, after three months on campus, now has over 70 members. The big event will be the match against Harvard at the end of February
11 Feb 1966 Volume 6 Number 20 Page 2

"Here and There About Campus"/"Tiddlywinks here, in Boston"

  • The first official tiddlywinks match ever to take place in Canada will be held on Sun., Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. in the the Student Village dining hall. It will be between the University of Waterloo and Waterloo Lutheran University. Spectators will be very welcome.
18 Feb 1966 Page 2


  • The Tiddlywinks Club was given a grant of $600 for its trip to Harvard. Members of Council pointed to the fine record of the club in publicizing the university and in defeating W LU for the Canadian championship.
18 Mar 1966 Volume 6 Number 24 Page 3 col 1

"Twinx trounce Harvard, we laugh" by Ron Rumm and Charles MacLeod

  • "We were just out-squopped," said Michael Gottesman, president of the Gargoyle and four-year veteran of the Harvard squad. And thus the University of Waterloo, North American Tiddlywinks Champions, left their mark on Harvard, the Ivy League college of Cambridge, Mass.
23 Sep 1966 Volume 7 Number 8 Page 3 col 1

"Tiddlywinks seeks sponsor for trip to England"

  • The coming North American competitions will probably be held here, said Ron Rumm of the club.
14 Oct 1966 Volume 7 Number 11 Page 3 col 1

"Tiddlywinks goes after big time: suing us for $4,400"/"'Go forth and wink' is marathon's goal" by Ed Benintende. 1 photo.

  • "You meet the best people on a Honda, but the best people play tiddlywinks" is the unqualified boast of Tiddlywinks Club chairman Mark Taylor.

York University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Excalibur? (York University)

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