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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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School Publications

Cornell Publications

Note: also see the "Various Cornell or Ithaca" listing in US Newspapers section.

Cornell Alumni News

Jul 1977 Pages 23-26 Volume 80, Number 1

"Master of Squop" about Severin Drix. 4 photos:

  • Severin Drix '68 (page 23)
  • Drix executes a shot in the championship match (page 24)
  • Referee Dave Lockwood oversees a delicate shot (page 25) [with Sunshine and Severin Drix]
  • 'Sunshine' shoots; Drix and spectators bend to watch (page 25)


Original (NATwA/Drix)

Digital copy (NATwA)

Cornell Chronicle

Feb 1970 "Don't Even Wink... or Blink". Photo
8 Nov 1973 Page 8, Column 3 "Calendar". Listing of Western Regionals on 17-18 Nov 1973
13 Feb 1975 Volume 6 Number 20 Page 12 "Calendar". Listing of "North American Continentals Tiddlywinks Tourney" on Saturday 15 February 1975 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the third floor lounge at Noyes Center, and Sunday 16 February 1975 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the multipurpose room and first floor lounge in the North Campus Union. Digital copy (NATwA)
15 Apr 1977 Page 13 Column 4 "Nothing to Do? Never at CU!". Photo of Andy Leed, Belinda Spalding, Matt Sola

Cornell Countryman

Apr 1970 Pages 8-9 Volume 67, Number 7 "Potting Out At Willard Straight by Olive Schad. 3 photos

Original (NATwA/Drix)

Digital copy

Cornell Daily Sun

2 Mar 1928 Page 6
  • Spring Fashions
  • 'If all that the campus has to decide at the election tomorrow Is set forth in the statements presented today, the Daily suggests that the student body could better spend their holiday playing a ripping, no-keeps game of Tiddly-winks, and that the several candidates might well spend the day at tlt-tat-toe and Peter Rabbit rhymes.'
21 Feb 1934 Page 4
  • Title: The Berry Patch
  • At this time, brothers, we extend
    Congratulations without end
    To you brave sporting brothers who
    Brought honor home to Nu Nu Nu.
    The trophies which you won shall grace
    The shelf above our fireplace;
    Your pictures shall be framed and hung;
    Who won the University crowns—by jinks?—
    In ping-pong, bridge, and tiddly-winks
  • — I. Pheal Phulish
4 Mar 1942 Page 3 "Off-Campus Group Holds Country Fair in W-S Fri."  
5 Mar 1947 Page 8  
30 Nov 1961 Page 4
  • Title: Tiddlywinks, Anyone?
  • To the Editor:
  • Four or six members of the Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society (All-England champions and holders of the Prince Philip Inter-university Trophy) are planning a tour of the States from July to September 1962. We are keen to accept any challenge from your side of the Atlantic and would appreciate any help or publicity you can give us.

    Any further information may be obtained from the Society, located in St. Hugh's College, Oxford University.
  • —Elizabeth King
    Honorary Secretary
Digital copy (NATwA)
12 Oct 1965 Page 3

"Groups Exhibit at Straight"

  • Willard Straight Hall will present its annual Activities Fair in the Memorial Room today and tomorrow.

    Forty-three groups will take part in the affair, including such diverse groups as the Ayn Rand Club and Octagon. Someone representing the Tiddly-winks Club, which has achieved provisional recognition by the Scheduling and Coordinating Activities Review Board, also applied for
Original (NATwA/Drix)
25 Oct 1965 Page 10 Pogo comic strip  
1 Nov 1965 Page 4

"Tiddlywinks"/"New Sport Being Formed at Cornell" by Adele S. Diamond

  • The center of an intercollegiate tiddlywinks conspiracy is developing at Cornell this fall.

    Severin A. Drix '68, one of its founders, said there are two aims for the team: to play tiddlywinks and to prove an organization can exist with such minimal bureaucracy as to be not even slightly obnoxious.

    The web has grown to 70 members and applicants, who have never seen an official rulebook because they can't find one. Drix and a friend,, Richard Nowagrodzki [sic] '69, derived the rules they use from two magazine human-interest stories and observation in the Brox High School of Science lunchroom. [more]
Original (NATwA/Drix)
18 Feb 1966 Page 2 "Rushing"  
14 Mar 1966 Page 8

"Harvard Squidgers Outscore Red Team"

  • The Cornell tiddlywinks team dropped its first match to a strong Harvard squad last week.

    The Big Red's newest team was beaten 43½-19½ by the more experienced Harvard squidgers. Only the pair of Captain Severin Drix and Richard Garson managed to win one of the nine matches for Cornell.

    The Harvard team won with one man squopping (preventing one's opponent from shooting by covering his winks) and one man squidging (shooting the winks into the cup) [complete]
Original (NATwA/Drix)
15 May 1966 Page 10

"Tiddlywinks Squad Beats MIT Team"

  • The Cornell tiddlywinks team defeated a squad from MIT, 37-19, winning all but one of the eight sub-matches, held in the middle of the Arts quad Saturday afternoon. THe match attracted a sparse crowd which, at its height, number [sic] 12 students and four dogs.

    The Cornell team led by Severin Drix and Richard Nowogrodzki downed the Engineers with inspired strategy and accurate squidging. The team's record is now even at 1-1 after and [sic] early season loss to Harvard. [complete]
Original (NATwA/Drix)
8 ___ 1966 Page 2 "Part II... Rushing"—mention Original (NATwA/Drix)
25 Sep 1967 Page 5 "This Week at The Straight" advertisement  
15 Sep 1969 Page 4
  • Power Shortage
  • What will sustain a governing structure is power. Nobody can maintain interest in a group whose major functions include allocating funds for the tiddlywinks team. Nobody can maintain interest, as we have seen at Cornell, in an oldstyle student government.
10 Nov 1969 Page 10
  • Title: Under the Sun
  • By Dave Golomb
  • If Cornell had AstroTurf, all four of those games could have been played on the same field, on the same day, rain or no rain. They could play lacrosse there, all kinds of football, soccer, tiddlywinks, rugby, polo, field hockey and all those other Big Red sports we know and love so well.
12 Feb 1970 Page 12 "C.U. Hosts Tiddlywinks With Hopes of Dethroning MIT" Original (NATwA/Drix)
12 Feb 1970 Page 12

"The Rules". Inset box

  • For those planning to attend this weekend's Continental Tiddlywinks Championships who are unsure of whether the tiddly is winked or the wink is tiddlied, here is a brief explanation of the rules of the game:

    A team is composed of six players, two per game in a three-game match.

    A game generally lasts 20 minutes of regulation time, after which each player takes five shots. At the end of these extra rounds, the player with the most winks in the cup wins.

    A player may, however, win before regulation time expires if he "pots out." Potting out is a condition reached not by artificial stimulation but by flipping all six winks into the "pot" (cup). If just one player pots out, he and his teammate win.

    Potting out sounds simple, since experienced players can pot a shot from just about anywhere on the table. Nevertheless, complex rules generally keep players from shooting for the cup on every shot.

    A player who tries to pot out immediately is likely to have gome of his pieces "squopped." When all of your winks are either potted or squopped, you're dead.

    A wink is squopped when part or all of it is covered by an opponent's wink. It cannot then be tiddled (flipped). Since you must pot all six winks to pot out, a player who rushes to pot five winks and then has his sixth squopped can only sit idly by while his foes proceed to pot out all six.

    But the strategy does not stop here. All is not lost when your wink is squopped, if other winks remain free, since an experienced player can strike a squopped wink in such a manner that the foe's wink is in turn squopped, while the trapped wink is knocked free, a technique known as "walking."

    Thus, the bulk of the 20--minute regulation time is usually spent squopping and walking rather than potting, in preparation for the strategy-filled five final rounds.

    Tournament format calls for two round-robin pools of five teams each. Each team is then pitted against its counterpart in the finals, i.e., the winners of each pool play each other, the second place finishers play each other, and so on.
Original (NATwA/Drix)
13 Feb 1970 Page 20
  • Lynah Gluttons Feast on Eagle
  • Madame Sosostris' Pix:
  • Sports gluttons rejoice! In perhaps the biggest weekend for sports all year, you can stuff yourself on 16 thrilling hours of tiddlywinks, then top it off with a dessert of hockey. And if you're also a glutton for punishment, you can listen to the basketball team on the radio. Such a weekend slate had Madame Sosostris nothing short of delirious. But before she could rush off to line up for the big events, she had the arduous task of picking this week's events, no easy task since the continent's best squoppers, the ECAC's finest stickers and the Ivy League's worst shooters will be going at it. [...]
  • And now, what you've all been panting for, the tiddlywinks forecast. In a mild surprise, Somerville, Mass, will win, proving to the world that a winker is not washed up at 22.
16 Feb 1970 Page 1 "MIT Grads Take Tiddly Tourney Title" Original (NATwA/Drix)
Page 7 "MIT Grads Take First in Int'l Tiddly Tourney". 2 photos Original (NATwA/Drix)
7 Nov 1972 "Cornell Tiddlywinks Team Practice"
12 Feb 1973 Page 7 "MIT Tops Tiddlywinks Tourney" (in Mar 1973 MIT Observer) Digital copy (NATwA)
18 Feb 1974 Pages 1, 16 "Winkers Compete at Cornell". Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)
16 Jul 2006 "C.U. Welcomes Clas of 2010" ("Stephanie Chu ’10 [...] wants to study neurobiology and in her free time likes to play violin, badminton and tiddlywinks. ")
16 Oct 2008 "Opinion"/"Straw Men and Tiddlywinks" by Mike Wacker ("preventing students from paying the bill for the Tiddlywinks club")

Cornell Desk Book

Class of 1977 Page 5 Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)
Page 96 In chronology Original (NATwA/Drix)
Page 103 Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)
(probably in other Cornell handbooks)

Cornell University Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection, News Service Records

Feb 1970 Box70 "Tiddlywinks Championship"  

Cornell University Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection, Visual Services, Cornell Publications Photography Records

Feb 1970 Box14 Job 70211 "Tiddlywinks Contest at Willard Straight" Digital copy (NATwA)
Nov 1973 Box15 Job 731110 "Tiddlywinks" Digital copy (NATwA)
Apr 1977 Box15 Job 770413 "Tiddlywinks Players at Willard Straight" Digital copy (NATwA)

The Cornellian (Yearbook)

1969 Page 170 Introductory text to sports section
1971 Page 25 Photo Ordered 4 July 2012 (NATwA)
(probably others)

Department of Mathematics, Cornell, Annual Report

2000-2001 Page 9 "Ithaca High School Senior Prize" re Yu Gu, tiddlywinks player and student of Severin Drix is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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