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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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School Publications

Harvard Publications

Harvard Alumni Bulletin

27 Oct 1962 Volume 65 Pages 110-111 "The Undergraduate"/"To Squop or Not to Squop—Harvard Flicks" Photocopy (NATwA)
14 Nov 1962 Page 176 Photo of Harvard-Penn match
24 Nov 1962 Page 222 Paragraph about Harvard-Brown match

Harvard University Archives

  • Author : Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society (Harvard University)
    Title : General information by and about the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society.
  • Location : Harvard University Archives HUD 3416.1000
  • Description : 1 folder.
    History notes : Also known as GUTS, the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society was in existence ca. 1962-1967. This society may or may not be directly related to the Harvard Tiddlywinks Association of the 1970s (see Harvard University Archives call number: HUD 3836).
    Summary : Contains a list of references to the tiddlywink team.
  • HOLLIS Number : 011991730
  • Author : Harvard-Radcliffe Tiddlywinks Team.
    Title : General information by and about the Harvard-Radcliffe Tiddlywinks Team, 1978.
  • Location : Harvard University Archives HUD 3836
  • Description : 1 folder.
    Summary : Flyer.
    Notes : The Harvard-Radcliffe Tiddlywinks Team may or may not be related to the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society (Harvard University Archives call number: HUD 3416.1000)
    Subject : Harvard-Radcliffe Tiddlywinks Team.
    Harvard University -- Students -- Societies, etc.
  • HOLLIS Number : 012131484

Harvard Crimson

13 Dec 1919

"Even Tiddlety-winks" letter about freedom of speech (see Shapiro's Fleas)

  • The writers of yesterday's communication excell Metternich in his own "rayon" in their apparent illiberalism and intolerance. In our humble opinion the College buildings should be free to lectures on tiddledy-winks or any other subject students may care to listen to, so long as open violence is not preached.
Transcript (NATwA)
7 Mar 1923  


  • Examples of foolish, needless legislation are plentiful. In South Carolina, the playing of pool or billiards has been forbidden. The prohibition of checkers, of cards, of tiddledy-winks may well follow.
19 May 1937  

"TIDDLEDY-WINKERS LOSE"/"Ken. I. Scutemin Plays Brilliantly in Annual Clash".

  • Delayed when one of the Yale players who was hitch-hiking to Cambridge hurt his thumb on a telegraph pole, the annual Crimson-and-Blue tiddledy-winks contest got under way yesterday afternoon in the Tiddley-winks Room at the Indoor Athletic Building
1 Apr 1938  

"WINKERS TWIDDLE OUT"/"Hoyden College Chippushers Defeat Crimson Twitchers"

  • Tiddledy-winkers went down to inglorious defeat before the Hoyden College girls, who winked their way to victory in one of the most bitterly contested tipples of the century.
10 Aug 1943  


  • That's right. Now with deft, steady strokes, play tic, tac, toe on all the odd questions and tiddley winks on all the even ones. Who knows, you might even get the right answer, and besides, won't Dr. Tatum be surprised?
25 Feb 1944  


  • According to him, there's no reason why a Supply team or Supply teams cannot engage in outside games, be it basketball, softball, hardball, or tiddly-winks, just so long as regular class and study hours are maintained.
7 Oct 1946  

"When's the Gravy Train Due? Or: The Eagle Flies the Coop"

  • There's gold in the U. S. Treasury, and with it G.I.'s can learn to fly, dance, hoe potatoes, cut out paper dolls, or play tiddledy winks, but the University Information Office within whose ken passeth all things weren't so sure they had the answer to the telephone voice which said: "I'm a vet and I haven't enrolled in Harvard University."
8 Dec 1961  

"Tiddlywinks"/"In the Mail" letter from Elizabeth King of Oxford seeking challenges

  • Four or six members of the Oxford Tiddlywinks Society (All England champions and holders of the Prince Philip Interuniversity Trophy) are planning a tour of the States from July to September 1961 [sic: should be 1962].
9 Oct 1962 Page 1 "Tiddlywinkers Will (No Kid) Meet Saturday". Photo Important
Page 3 "Tiddlywinks Tourney Will Be First For American Players"
13 Oct 1962 Page 3 Column 1

"Harvard Risks Tiddlywink Cup Today"

  • Harvard and Holy Cross begin the 1962 U.S intercollegiate tiddlywink season this morning with a 10:30 a.m. contest at the official regulation-sized tables at Phillips Brooks House.
15 Oct 1962 Page 3 Column 3

"Tiddlywinkers Win"

  • Harvard tiddlywinkers had a new experience Saturday. They won. Encouraged by the spirited music of the Harvard band and by cries of "Squidge, Harvard, squidge" and "Hold that Squab," from a partisan audience, the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society (GUTS) defeated a novice Holy Cross team by the convincing score of 23-12.
22 Oct 1962 Page 1 Column 2

"Tiddlywink Team Downs Holyoke

  • In what was hailed as "the first collegiate bisexual tiddlywinks match" the men of the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society (GUTS) defeated an impressive Mount Holyoke team (MHUTS), 31-11, here Saturday.
3 Nov 1962 Page 4 Column 1

"Wink Stink" letter from Robert Miller, president of Brown Tiddlywinks Union

  • It has been rumored that the Harv ard tiddlywinks team has been hiding from the Brown team. On a recent trip to Columbia University in New York City, the Cambridge club completely by-passed Providence, out of fear.
6 Nov 1962 Page 3 Column 2

"Crimson Winks Squad Downs Two Opponents"

  • The athlete's muscles rippled as he prepared to shoot the final point of the match; the tendon on his left index finger looked red and strained, but he was a true tiddlywinker and would not flinch. After a fleeting glace towards the victor's decanter of sherry, he squidged, scored, and the Gargoyles had downed Penn 26-9 in last Saturday's match.
10 Nov 1962 Page 5 Column 1 Photo
18 Nov 1962 Page 4 Column 5

"Winkers Squop Brown"

  • The Gargoyie Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society extended its victorious lous season to a record 9-0 Saturday by defeating an overrated Brown team. Led by Captain Jim Parry, the Harvard group racked up as an impressive 40 points, allowing only 16 to its opponents.
24 Nov 1962 Page 5 Column 4

"`Gargoyle' Tiddlywinkers Will Play Squidgers from Yalie Daily Today". Photo

  • Possibly it's time to stop making fun of the Gargoyle tiddlywinkers. The squoppers take themselves seriously, and they're good: undefeated this fall, they have outscored their opponents 301-111.
24 Nov 1962  

"Today's Schedule"

  • Tiddlywinks GUTS v. Assorted Yalies, PBH, 10 a.m.
26 Nov 1962 Page 3 Column 5

"GUTS Humbles Inept Yale Daily"

  • Paced by the sensational squidging of Bob Whiteside, the Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society (GUTS) stomped a pathetic Yale Daily News aggregation. Saturday, 32-10. The victory extends the GUTS winning streak to ten matches after the initial defeat at the fingertips of Oxford.
21 Jan 1963 Page 1 Column 5

"Winkers on TV"

  • Several undergraduates will appear on 'I've Got a Secret' on CBS-TV at 8 p.m. tonight. The group's secret: they are the national tiddlywinks champions.
27 Sep 1963  

"Undergrads Will Form Harvard Karate Group"

  • Though still rather exhausted by its mighty move into tiddlywinks last year, Harvard's ever-expanding sports program will take another historic stride in the next few weeks when the Karate Club is formally organized.
28 Jan 1963 Page 1 Column 4

"Winkers Plead For Secretary"

  • "Cliffies, please help us," pleaded the captain of the tiddlywinks team last night. James D. Parry '64 explained that the team members need three or four volunteer secretaries to handle the avalanche of fan mail which is burying them. "If you're willing to help, drop in anytime," he added.
30 Jan 1963  

"THE SPORTING SCENE" by Joseph M. Russin.

  • But up to this time, with the minor exceptions of mixed doubles in tennis and tiddlywinks, women have generally been restricted to competing against each other. There is great wisdom in such a policy.
28 Feb 1966 Pages 1, 6 "Harvard's Tiddlywinkers Are Twice Out-Squopped". Photo


Photocopy (NATwA)

Original (ETwA)

8 Mar 1966 Page 1 Column 3

"Tiddlywinkers Crush Cornell" by Charles F. Sabel

  • It was a grand day for Harvard tiddlywinks wonks.
    The Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society, which was crushed by two Canadian teams February 26 after three years without a loss pounced on a team from Cornell Saturday and mauled them 43 1/2 to 19 1/2.
Original (ETwA, 7 Mar))
2 Dec 1966  

"Brandeis Fans Love the Game" by James K. Glassman.

  • "This is the pit," he said, gesturing in back of him. There were loads of girls. Someone was beating a big drum in time to an Indian war dance and everyone had some sort of crazy hat on. "We're going to bring the pit to cheer at tiddly-winks matches," he said.
10 Feb 1967  

"Freshman PT Requirement -- Why Bother?" by James R. Beniger.

  • Although Parker gave PT-credit for the freshman ping-pong tournament, he refused the Gargoyle tiddly-wink team similar recognition. He also balked when a freshman expressed interest in a 100-mile run sponsored by the YMCA.
26 Apr 1971  

"Track Tips Green by 55" by E. J. Dionne.

  • The CRIMSON decathlon team widened its lead on the Pomeroy Tiddly Winks Squad yesterday with a 23-2 victory in the 200 meter crocket event. "That game really sends me." red-ball Deac Dake said after the match.
31 Jan 1972  

"'Crimson' Rallies on Alleys To Destroy Pomeroy, 23-2"

  • the Crimson bowling team knocked down 23 pins to clobber the Pomeroy Tiddlywinks and Bowling Team
28 Oct 1975  

"The Failure of Busing" by Peter J. Ferrara.

  • For example, busing advocates have never answered questions like what right does the state have to force someone to be bused against his will, to sacrifice the interests of any individual to a vague social plan, to allocate people among schools like colored tiddlywinks to fulfill some arbitrary quota?
16 Mar 1978 Page 4 "Announcing the Formation of the Harvard-Radcliffe Tiddlywinks Team". Advertisement by Fred Shapiro Original (NATwA)
20 Sep 1978  

"...While Booters Start at MIT Today" by Daniel Gil

  • MIT is an "unknown quantity," Langton said, but based on past performance -- tiddlywinks has been the Engineers' best sport -- the Crimson booters should come away with a win.
2 Dec 1978 Page 8 Easterns announcement
31 Oct 1981

"Pumping Iron with World-Class Jocks" by Jeffrey E. Seifert.

  • Some colleges dominate a sport for so long that the names become synonymous: like UCLA and basketball, and Alabama and football. And MIT and tiddlywinks.
16 Nov 1983

"Other games are important, too" by John F. Baughman.

  • The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is one of the great conference rivalries. This year is only the second time since 1968 that the game will not decide the Big Ten championship and who goes to the Rose Bowl. The rivalry is so intense "The two schools could play tiddlywinks at 30 paces and it would still draw a crowd," says one long-time Ohio State fan.
13 Apr 1985

"Take Me Out to the Numbers Game" by Nick Wurf.

  • National Bocce League, United States Curling Association, Major League Tiddlywinks, you name it--Elias keeps their numbers for them.
12 Dec 1985

"Kid's Stuff" by Jeff Chase.

  • The biggest change in toy design theory since my sandbox days seems to be the downfall of the traditional board game. Gone are such dinosaurs as "Operation!" "Tiddly-Winks" and "Chutes and Ladders."
12 Dec 1990

"Bright Center Press Box Full of Surprises" by John B. Roberts.

  • Sure, fighting is prohibited. But hockey isn't tiddlywinks. Stuff happens.
4 Apr 1996

"Eckert Eck-cellent"

  • Your college just knocked off the eighth-ranked team in the nation (not to mention Boston College and Penn also) and toyed with Vermont yesterday as if it were a set of Tiddlywinks.
11 Feb 1999

"After School Specials: Campus Extra-Curriculars"

  • The Harvard Tiddlywinks Society meets up a few times a year to work the wink and test the tiddly. According to President Frank E. Pacheco `99, the Society lies "somewhere between a club and a team, and is in a continuous battle to find intercollegiate competition."
(and 1962-era announcements)

(Humor magazine; formed GUTS: Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywink Society)

Winter 1962-3 Volume 2 Number 1, Pages 1, 23 Passing references
Spring 1963 Volume 2 Number 2 Page 15 "Hold that Squop". Ad for "E.Tw.A. Tiddlywinks" supplied for $2.50 by Dave Hirschfield
Fall 1963 Volume 3 Number 1 Pages 1, 3  
Fall 1964 Volume 4 Number 1 Pages 5, 7 "defense", "Ladyfinger"

The Harvard Illustrated Magazine

Oct 1900 Volume 2, Number 2 Page 44

"Ex Parte Jennings"

  • At a square table four lads in cadet uniforms were playing poker. The chips they used were very small, thin affairs, about the size of ten-cent pieces. On the table stood a little cup or bowl, about three inches across. [...] Whisk went the cards into young Jennings' pocket, the bowl was moved into the centre of the table and the others began snapping the chips into it by pressing one on another. When Jennings opened the door, all that the Head Master saw was a group of fellows, laughing and excited, playing "tiddlywinks."

The Harvard Lampoon

7 Dec 1917 Volume 74 Number 7 Page 201

"By the Way"/"Lampy's Kits for Soldiers"

  • Page 201: or Indoor Games Kit consisting of

    3 Flinch cards
    1 dice (loaded)
    2 dice (unloaded)
    1 large, and one small bean bag
    1 set of Lotto
    1 combination Parchesi, Ping-pong and Tiddly-winks board.

Harvard Law Library suggestion book

May 1978 Question by Fred Shapiro. Response by Morris Cohen

Harvard Magazine

Mar-Apr 1979 Page 10 Announcement of forthcoming article
May-Jun 1979 Pages 37-41, 56 Volume 81 Number 5 University edition

"Relatively new indoor sport sweeps about 125 people"/"Tournament tiddlywinks, a history and appreciation" by Christopher Reed. Captions of the 7 color photos:

  • Page 37: Winking requires an enviable amount of manual dexterity. [Fred Shapiro]
  • Page 38: Law student Fred Shapiro and juniors Andrea Eisenberg and Mark Worrell, of the Harvard tiddlywinks team, with Buck Webb, at right, a Harvard alumnus and member of the Renaissance club team. A dramatic moment in the North American Continental Team Championship match. Also on the Harvard squad: Dan Bricklin of the Business School, Jerry Storch of the Law School, and Sam Lipson (a ringer) of the ninth grade at the Cambridge Pilot School.
  • Page 38: Matt Sola, captain of the Cornell tiddlywinks team, demonstrates the concentration required for top-flight play.
  • Page 39: Todd Brachman and Robert Shwartz, of the Boston University team, debate a point of strategy. The game requires much cunning.
  • Page 39: Dave Lockwood of the Renaissance club team, the best winker on earth, according to informed sources. He is world singles champion and an economic forecaster for Pan American.
  • Page 39: Civility is a main ingredient of tournament tiddlywinks. Here, a player at an adjacent table, Dave Pinckney of M.I.T., assumes the role of umpire to determine whether or not a wink is well and truly squopped.
  • Page 40: An 1897 set of the children's game, which scarcely resembles tournament tiddlywinks. An earlier set, with rules copyrighted in 1890, resides in the Archive and Museum of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.


Original (NATwA)

Digital copy

1997 Volume 100

Highlights from Harvard's history by year.

  • 1962

    As Harvard's football and soccer teams go down to defeat across the Charles , members of GUTS, the College's Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society, squidge and squop their way to a 23-12 victory over Holy Cross to win first [...]
Mar-Apr 2001  

"100 Things to Do Before Leaving Harvard"

  • Attend a ping-pong tournament, tiddlywinks game, or croquet match"
Jan-Feb 2007  

"Harvard in Epigram" by Primus V.

  • Word of Fred R. Shapiro, J.D. ’77 (’80), in these pages first came in 1979 after he revived tiddlywinks at Harvard.
Sep-Oct 2007 Page 67

"Yesterday's News"

  • As Harvard’s football and soccer teams go down to defeat across the Charles, members of GUTS, the College’s Gargoyle Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society, squidge and squop their way to a 23-12 victory over Holy Cross to win first place in NUTS, the National Undergraduate Tiddlywinks Society. (The victors later appear on I’ve Got a Secret and stump the panel.)
Nov-Dec 2007  

"Cambridge 02138"/"HIGH STAKES TIDDLYWINKS" (letters). Letter by Hank Schwarz:

  • My wife, Patricia, pointed out the Yesterday’s News report (September-October, page 67) on our national Tiddlywinks championship team in 1962, and I must say Mark Steele’s wonderful illustration makes it look even more fun than it was—if that’s possible.

Harvard University Gazette
(Administration paper)

1 Dec 1978 Page 3 Under "News Briefs" Original (NATwA)
23 Feb 1979 Page 2 "Tiddlywinks at MIT: A Squidge and a Squop, and 'Twas Winked in the Pot". 2 photos Original (NATwA)

Harvard Yearbook

1963 Pages 88-89, 114
  • Pages 88-89 with 3 photos: Tiddlywinks
  • Page 114: Gargoyle
1964 Pages 8, 144
  • Page 8 (Lowell House section)
  • Page 144: Gargoyle
Original (NATwA)
1966 Page 5 [Quincy House section] personal listing

(Harvard summer school newspaper)

Summer 1962? Harvard-Oxford match is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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