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Tiddlywinks Bibliography

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The Tiddlywinks Bibliography is a compendium of all substantive and obscure citations to the game of tiddlywinks in all available resources:  newspapers, magazines, books, government records, images, audio, video, websites, etc.  In other words, if the game of tiddlywinks was mentioned either briefly or in detail, it should be in the Tiddlywinks Bibliography.

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Other United States School Publications

Tiddlywinks references in school publications for Cornell, Harvard, and MIT are available on separate web pages. This page includes tiddlywinks references from all other US school publications.

US school publications are organized here first by state and then by the name of each educational institution (university, college, high school, or other educational institution name).

Fraternity Publications

The Alpha Xi Delta (fraternity)

___ 1925 Volume 22 Page 297
  • Page 297: [...] faith and a clear conscience we gave a game of tiddledywinks as a booby prize. Would you believe it, that one set has started a craze for tiddledywinks among the fraternity men here that actually rivals the cross-word mania.
Original (NATwA/Drix)

Delta Upsilon (fraternity)

16 Sep 1907 Volume 25 Number 4 Page 333

Reprinted from "News of our Chapter" of the Toronto Chapter.

  • Page 333: Looking Backward*
    "Before-the-Charter" Reminiscences
    By William Hardy Alexander, Toronto, '99 [...]

    Well, this quartette of worthies was thusly gathered one autumn evening on Breadline—Lord ! Breadalbane—Street: enter to them the present writer, a sophomore, who, having accepted the invitation of the "frat." a day or so previously, mainly because he didn't know how to refuse, had now come to be initiated. Don't talk to me about bum initiations ! That was the limit far and away. I came over prepared to be killed, if necessary, and all they made me do was to swear politely eternal brotherhood and all the rest of the tiddledy -winks. Was I sorry I had joined ? Let us be quite frank.

Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha (fraternity)

22 Mar 1922 Volume 20 Number 3

"Three Books" by Marguerite P. Fisher, Philadelphia alumnæ

  • Page 166: In Erik Dorn we have the triumph of verbosity. Here is a great style run amuck. Where the author forgets to make brilliant phrases, he treats his reader to a page or two of limpid writing. At first we delight in such as these:—"Politics—a deformity of the imagination; a game of tiddledy winks played with guns and souls," and "I've been long convinced that intrigue is nothing more
    than fantastic imbecilities unimaginative men palm off on one another for cleverness."


Birmingham-Southern College

The Revue yearbook

1920 Page 51

"High School Senior Class Prophecy"

  • A new office has been created in the President's Cabinet — that of Tiddledy-Winks. This office requires a man of unusual ability, and so who should the new Secretary of Tiddledy-Winks be but Curtis Sanford!
Digital copy (NATwA)


University of California, Berkeley

Daily Californian (University of California at Berkeley)

__ May? 1976 Covered the First Far Eastern Tournament

California Monthly (University of California at Berkeley)

Mar 1976 Page 4 "Here's Winking at you, Kid"
Page 7 "Winking at Life". Photo

Compton Junior College (Compton, California)

the dar-u-gar yearbook

1931 Page 215

"Tiddlywinks" with photograph

  • TIDDLEWINKS had its greatest year in Compton' s history this year. 4 and Pasadena were so incensed over the beatings we gave them that they protested to the conference officials that we were subsidizing athletes. Howard Clark was the star of the team, having scored six chuckers and a field goal in six games. The night before the L. A. struggle, he was duped away from the campus and not allowed to return for the game. Only inexperienced "Winko" Carpenter was available for the game.

    Wes Godfrey opened the game with a beautiful wink at Lucille, but the umpire ruled Compton offside. However, with cheer leader Darwin Dixon leading a frenzied Tartar rooting section and Aileen Oliver protecting the cup as if it were a nickel, Compton' s goal was never in danger. Brownie Chambers made Compton' s first touchdown, catching a pass from Glade the Grade and pushing it in with his nose. Birdie Hall thought it was a game of "Spin the Bottle " and also made a hit by turning out the lights. A large crowd witnessed the championship meet.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Fullerton High School (Fullerton, California)

Pleiades yearbook

1981 Page 254
  • Boyer, Leslie

    Varsity Cross Country 1 , 2; Varsity Tennis 3. 4; Varsity Track 1.2.3; Varsity Basketball 2. 3. 4 Captain 4; Big F 3, Treas. 4; Nabisco 3. 4; Lions Club 1 . 2. 3; Biology Club I. 2; Speech Club 1.2; Clones 2, 3; Touch & Go " 1, 2. 3. 4; Varsity Tiddlywinks 3. 4; Football Announcing 2. 3. 4 " Boyish " 1, 2. 3. 4; Salt III 2. 3. 4; D.F, 1, 2, 3, 4.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Trabuco Hills High School, Mission Viego, California

Mustang Stampede

bef. 27 Jan 1994 (see Los Angeles Times, 27 Jan 1994)


Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut)

Yale Alumni Magazine

Sep/Oct 2006  

"Can a book of quotations include Cher, MC Hammer, and 'Get a life'?" by Carlo Rotella

  • [...] How does one go from being a kid who naively enjoys leafing through Bartlett's to being the self-appointed avenger who resolves to supersede it? "When I was in my early twenties," Shapiro said, "I was on the tiddlywinks team at MIT, and wasn't very good, but I became the town historian of tiddlywinks." He smiled slightly, to acknowledge how pitch-perfectly dweeby that sounded. "At some point I found the Oxford English Dictionary, and tried to trace the word's origins. The OED said 1894. By then I was a law student at Harvard, a very indifferent one. I spent my time at Widener Library, which had a good collection of books on sports and games. I found a book with an article on tiddlywinks from 1890. Now, I had thought the OED was perfect. I didn't understand. But I sent the new information to them, and they wrote back to say thank you." He went on to find other sports and games references that were earlier than the earliest uses listed in the OED, then moved on to other subjects and other research problems, including quotations.

Yale Bulletin & Calendar

3 Nov 2006 Volume 35 Number 9

"Law librarian took the words right out of their mouths" with photo of Fred Shapiro.

  • While the Oxford English Dictionary dated the word to 1894, Shapiro discovered a book published in 1890 that contained an article on tiddlywinks.

Yale Daily News

2 Nov 1914 Volume 38 Number 29 Page 3 Column 1

"The College Man as Voter"/"Ex-President Roosevelt Advocates Preparedness for War and Military Training"

  • Unless we prepare ourselves for service in time of war, we may as well give up football, baseball, and all else and take up tiddly-winks instead, as our national pastime.
17 Feb 1948 Volume 69 Number 97 Page 5 Column 3

"Statues in Salt"

  • He [Guy Schuler] won the New England tiddly-winks championship.
20 Apr 1948 Volume 69 Number 141 Page 5 Column 2

"Statues in Salt"

  • "Their secretary prepares the minutes of the meeting for publication in the News on Wednesday, then," the review will continue, "the men retire to the game room for a bit of ping pong or tiddly winks."
7 Nov 1978 Volume 101 Number 42 Page 4 Column 3

"AASA demands more funding"

  • There is a difference between tiddlywinks organizations and minority groups.
22 Feb 2002  

"The shameless commercialization of patriotism"

  • I don't know about you, but to me, nothing screams America like a waif, uneducated late-teen Czech model standing bravely in the wind, wrapped in old glory, just long enough to be captured on camera before the acute pang of heroin addiction beckons her back to her opium den, where the rest of her overpaid, vain, honky model friends are languidly ensconced playing tiddlywinks with pills of ecstasy.
13 Feb 2008 Volume 35 Number 9

"Gravel urges direct democracy at YPU"

  • From the other candidates you hear a lot of fluff, a lot of tiddlywinks.
15 Oct 2008  

"UP CLOSE | Measuring Yale’s value in clubs and classes" by Zachary Abrahamson

  • Andre Schiffrin ’57 was one of the 14 seniors. He stood on the steps of Sterling Memorial Library — in the middle of a tiddlywinks tournament — when he turned down a Skull and Bones tap.

District of Columbia

Woodrow Wilson High School (Washington, D.C.)


1956 Page 38

"Class of June, 1956"

  • EDWARD KIMBALL CORBETT (Ed) Newscasters Club; Varsity Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Intramural Sports. A fabulous fellow . . . has an unusual expression—"Itcheeboo,' . . . not impressed by girls who think they're queens . . . favors basketball and tiddlywinks . . , aims to be a retired millionaire with a High Fi set and a sports car . . . next—Brigham Young University in Utah.
Digital copy (NATwA)


Florida Southern College (Lakeland, Florida)

Interlachen (yearbook)

1936 Page 179

"Dolly's Diary (continued)"

  • April 24

    Dreamed in education class this morning that our varsity tiddley-winks team defeated Yale by a score of 2 for 1.
Digital copy (NATwA)


University of Chicago

The Maroon (newspaper)


Article(s) on planned match of University of Chicago vs. University of Cambridge (never held) and reprint of the international rules of tiddlywinks



The University of Chicago Magazine

Jan 1923 Volume 15 Number 3 Pages 92, 109

"A Definite Graduate Responsibility (From the Yale Alumni Weekly)"

  • Page 92: He is the best sort of a good fellow; he enlivens every club corner; he is the first to call for a cheer and not the last to aid in every good thing that his University is trying to do. But his great and consuming ambition is to see his col-
  • Page 109: lege's name at the head of the sporting page as the winner in everything from tiddlywinks to rowing.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Proviso Township High School (Maywood, Illinois)

The Provi yearbook

1929 Page 166 Digital copy (NATwA)


State University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa)

The Hawkeye Junior Annual (yearbook)

1892 (Class of 1893) Page 210

"JAN" [January]

  • 18. T. W. V. "A strange mystery my masters." Sh--Tiddledy Wink Verein.
Digital copy (NATwA)


University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas)

Jayhawker (yearbook)

1937 Page 185

"THIS 'N' THAT". Caption to a cartoon showing two men sitting at a table playing what looks to be chess.

  • "Playing intramural tiddledywinks at meal time"
Digital copy (NATwA)
1937 Page 237

"THIS 'N' THAT" continued.

  • Fraternities, too, are getting thoroughly fed up with the idea by having half their chapters playing tiddledywinks at meal or meeting time.
Digital copy (NATwA)



Crimson (yearbook)


University of Kentucky

Retrieved 12 Jan 2012  
  • Kentucky-Transylvania All-Time Series History
  • In early March of 1906 Kentucky University's Board of Curators, citing heavy financial burdens of maintaining the football program, voted to withdraw from intercollegiate athletics altogether. [...]
  • The decision to withdraw from intercollegiate athletics was met with great disappointment from the K.U. student body. A mock funeral was held on the K.U. athletic field, while supporters of the fallen program hoped for "a resurrection." The Crimson yearbook showed a cartoon depicting a Tiddlywinks Tournament as their only option for entertainment during the long winter months.
  • Cartoon: "The Great Tiddle-de-winks Tournament"


Saint Louis High School (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

Spectre (yearbook)

1971 Page 141

Caption to black-and-white photograph of two young men playing tiddlywinks, though the actual game is not shown in the photograph

  • Harry Leverette was dethroned as tiddledywinks champion.
Digital copy (NATwA)


University Maryland (University Park, Maryland))

The Diamondback (yearbook)

~Oct 1977 Re Ithaca High School winker at Maryland

United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland)

The Lucky Bag (yearbook)

1934 Page 224


  • He did not limit his activities to battering opponents around the gridiron and drowning them in the natatorium, but later became expert in tiddledy winks.
Digital copy (NATwA)
1934 Page 237

"RICHARD EUGENE NICHOLS"/"San Bernardino, Cal."

  • WELL, I guess we sure took those guys over again."

    "In what?"

    "Tiddley Winks--this makes the third Sunday straight we've beat them mugs from the zero deck--are we good? Heh! Heh!"
Digital copy (NATwA)


General, Boston-area Colleges

The Edge (Boston multi-college paper)

Jun-Jul 1979 Page 2 "Tiddlywinks Taken Seriously at MIT" Original (NATwA)

Nutshell (Boston area edition; student-oriented; once or twice yearly)

1972 or 1973? Page 14 "MIT: 'Tute, 'Tute, Tutesie, Hello" Original (NATwA)

Boston College (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)

Sub Turri (yearbook)

1963 Page 286

"THE HEIGHTS" (Boston College's weekly newspaper). Not about playing tiddlywinks. Caption to a photograph of the newspaper staff.

  • The Heights Tiddley-wink Team during off-hours
Digital copy (NATwA)

Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts)

The Daily Free Press (Boston University)

24 Apr 1978 Page 1 Photo only: Todd Brachman, Julian Menear, Andrea Eisenberg Original (NATwA)
31 Oct 1978 Page 5 "BU spells BOO on Halloween and the place is kinda' scary!". Mention <n>
28 Nov 1978 Page 4 "I'm not behind, world's ahead...". Mention <n>

Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Detailed Harvard publications are available here.

Massachusetts Agricultural College (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Index yearbook

1921 Volume 51 Page 89

"Charles Gideon Mackintosh"

  • He has an original method of keeping his physique in condition by indulging in the barbarous sport of tiddlywinks and ping-pong with an occasional scrimmage against the Tufts eleven thrown in for good measure.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Detailed MIT publications are available here.

Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts)

Cauldron (yearbook of the Engineering School)

1921 Page 182

"'Vitae Lampada'"

  • The time was in the latter part of May, 1921, and the scene was the historic Harvard Stadium. There, as the gold-plated sun sank soggily in the well-known west, a bitter struggle was taking place; one to test whether the men of the class of 1921 would graduate triumphant, buy a house and a flivver, have a garden and a cellar, and stand in the back yard able to thumb their noses at the world and points west. Everything hung on one string like a ham in a smokehouse. The football had sent West Point to a crushing defeat ably abetted by the Tech staff; Dartmouth Ouija-board team lost three guesses to two at the hands of the Northeastern engineers; and the Cornell Tiddledy-Winks warriors never had a chance. Now came the great test, the track meet with Harvard.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts)

The Sophian (Smith College)

Oct or Nov 1962 About the Smith team (see The Tech, 14 Nov 1962)

Tufts College (Massachusetts)

The Tufts College Graduate

Jan 1911 Volume 8 Number 4 Page 169
  • Page 169 (title): The Situation as to Athletics

    By Harry G. Chase, '93
    For him there then begins a life so strenuous that by comparison the hard fought game in which he participated when in college assumes the importance of a game of tiddled -winks.


University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

The Gargoyle

January 1917 Volume 9 Number 1

"The Forum" letter to the editor

  • Page 2: Most Illustrious Editor, Friends, Romans, Countrymen, etc.:—

    The Oratorical Association will hold a debate Saturday night on the subject, "Resolved, that
    the University should adopt Tiddledy-Winks as a collegiate indoor sport." I take this opportunity to urge that every loyal student work to this end:—"Send the band to the Oratorical Association Debate." Vox Populi.

Michiganensian (yearbook)

1911 Volume 15 Page 117

"History of Engineering Class of June 1911 19E11"

  • "When we got to be Sophs I guess we got even for those indignities. Oh, what we didn't do to the freshies! I guess we overdid it, because the faculty stopped the rush, and the Student Council had to substitute a daylight rush, which was as tame as tiddledy-winks."
1964 Page 23

"South Quadrangle"

  • Thoronson House made its debut in South Quadrangle this year, bringing fascinating femininity to what was once a lonely Michigan men's dorm. With a philosophy of "Be social!" (at least until semester grades come out), we supported Huber, our Brother house, during Homecoming, the IQC-Assembly Sing, Michigras, and the South Quad Tiddlywinks Tournament.
Digital copy (NATwA)

The Wrinkle

10 Nov 1898 Volume 6 Number 2 Page 2
  • Each Tiddledy winked his eye and yawned and the great sanguinary encounter of the '98 team and the alumni came to an end and ossification on the pages of history.


University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Cornhusker (yearbook)

1949 Page 311

"Unique Modeling Sparks Miss Burr Hall Context"

  • Tiddly winks, card games, checkers and monopoly competition attracted participants and funds to the Burr East-Burr West money-raising carnival. Benefits from the joint Friday afternoon affair were contributed to the All University Fund"
Digital copy (NATwA)
1949 Page 363

"Fem Fun". Cornhusker yearbook staff take over the Daily Nebraskan (the Rag) newspaper on April Fools Day.

  • Gracie Nielson rode to the intramural tiddly-wink championship with her outstanding performance Monday afternoon in the towel room of Grunt MemoriaI Hall. Neilson, who also copped the mumble-peg laurels in November, is the only double winner in the history of the university.

    Displaying a developed form and polished technique, Nielson tiddled wink after wink into the scoring cup, edging out her opponent, Miriam Crick, A. W. O. L. broad prexy, with an overwhelming score of 401-2.

    Nielson's sponsoring house, Gamma Flip, lost all hope of victory, Friday, when it was discovered that she had a hang nail on her tiddling thumb, but university trainer, Back Burger, shaped her up nicely and she was in excellent condition.

    After receiving the round-trip to Crete or Ashland as grand prize, Miss Nielson said "I'm very glad it's over. Please hand me a Chesterfield."
Digital copy (NATwA)

New Hampshire

Berlin High School (Berlin, New Hampshire)

The Meteor (yearbook)

1961 no page number


  • "Marilyn: The tiddley winks finals were not publicized extensively, but I recieved [sic] a post card from Jackie Roy in Australia telling me of her victory.
Digital copy (NATwA)

New Jersey

Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)

Nassau Herald (yearbook)

1901 Number 37, Page 54
  • Page 49: Freshman Year
    Class History
    Edmund James Brady
  • Page 54: Somewhere up in the Pennsylvanian mountains Doc McCurdy fell in with an entertaining gentleman, Brown, I believe, he called himself. Before long Doc was graphically describing a row of brownstone fronts that he owned in Youngstown, while Brown in turn told Doc how some years ago he had seen Princeton defeat Oxford at Tiddledy Winks. This was enough to arouse anyone's suspicions; but remember that Doc was only a Freshman and besides, Brown was paying for them.
Digital copy (NATwA)

New York

Blue Mountain Middle School (Westchester, New York)

Blue Mountain Observer (Blue Mountain Middle School)

1949 (#check) Page 367    

Cornell University (Ithaca, New York)

Detailed Cornell publications are available here.

Hamilton College (Clinton, New York)

Hamilton Literary Monthly

Jan 1891 Page 183 Volume 25 Number 5


    Some will read Shakspeare and Browning ;
    And some read the Bible, methinks ;
    Some will work hard at their duties,
    The rest will play Tiddledy Winks.

Hobart Collage (Geneva, New York)

The Echo of the Seneca

Apr 1896 Volume 35

"NEW BOOKS"/"Added Since the Publication of the Last Notice."

  • My Career as an Athlete:: With New Chapters on Marbles, Puss-in-the-
    Corner, and Tiddledy -Winks : By John Boswell.

thaca High School (Ithaca, New York)

Ithaca (New York) High School Faculty Bulletin

9 Dec 1974 [#3] "The World's Singles Tiddleywink Champ" Original (NATwA/Drix)

The Tattler (Ithaca High School, Ithaca, New York)

Dec 1975 Page 1 Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)
Date___ ____ Page 5 "Classic Closet Clubs Continue" Original (NATwA/Drix)
Jun 1981 Page 3 "Drix double does it". Photo Original (NATwA/Drix)
and others (ask Arye Gittelman and others)

State University of New York at Binghampton (Binghamton, New York)

Pipe Dream (Harpur (State University of New York at Binghampton) campus paper)

Date__ ___ ____

United States Military Academy (West Point, New York)

Howitzer (yearbook)

1915   [See 1982 Howitzer, page 40]  
1921 Page 192

The End Man

  • And finally, of course, comes the "End Man."
    West Point, N. Y
    Zooey, S. O., S. O. L.

    If you would know the history of this man's Kayet days, read over the list of activities joined hereto, and note the medals on that manly chest—the Didy Pin, the Northfield medal, and the W. W. Barton Memorial, awarded each year to the most distinguished gumstick in the Corps. No wonder that when first class camp came along (which it never did) he hauled off First Captaincy without a kick even from Joe Dalbey. We might add that he and McAuliffe are still tied for the tiddlywinks title.

    But it is not these material glories of life that I want to emphasize. It is the inner man, revealed to so few; the clear sense of duty; the faith in his fellows; the trust in divine inspiration. All of these go to make a side of " Zooey" known to but few men, and those who have penetrated his reserve prize highly the honor they have won. Why, "S. O." would almost rather lose a tenth than a friend.

    "S. O. L." boned successively the Elite, the Field, the Coast, the Doughboys, and the Philipine Scouts. Finally he put in for Jim Europe's Jazz Band. Whatever branch he gets, will find him a live and efficient crapshooter and one of the keenest files that ever went through the shoots.

    * "Zooid"—A low form of animal life. -Webster.
    * * Ask Davidson .

    Corporal (Color) (Milk); Cap- tain (1); Choir; Howitzer (Subscriber); Y. M. C. A.; Student Officers, D.S.C.* * and Adjutant; Star: Board of Governors Fourth Class Club; Editor, "The Laundry List;" Published the "Days to June" and three "Hundredth Night Speeches; "Toasted" Lulu," New Year 3; Northfield.
Digital copy (NATwA)
1982 Page 40

"The Class The Stars Fell On" article about Dwight David Eisenhower including a replica of his page from the 1915 Howitzer yearbook from which the following appears.

  • At one time he threatened to get interested in life and won his "A" by being the most promising back in Eastern football--but the Tufts game broke his knee and the promise. Now Ike must content himself with tea, tiddledywinks, and talk, at all of which he excels.
Digital copy (NATwA)
1982 Page 607

"LAURIE WILLETS, JR."/"Burlington, North Carolina"

  • The Cummings High Tiddlywinks champ traveled north to a new world and became a Fighting Cock
Digital copy (NATwA)

Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, New York)

The Vassar Miscellany

Oct 1896 Volume 26 Page 421

"Points of View". "Being the letters received by Miss Mary Brown of Vassar, '9-, after a series of visits from her friends."

  • In my day the library was a place for study and not for idle jesting. I was horrified to see the girls playing tiddledy winks across the history alcove table. But it did not seem much to disturb the other students present, for two or three were trying to see which of them could come nearest to whistling without making a noise. lean understand how the faculty might have occasion to call across the library to one another, but for the girls to make it such a sportive place is quite inexcusable. [...]

    Your affectionate teacher,
    Katharine Foster.
Digital copy (NATwA)


Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio)

The Oberlin Review

25 Nov 1890

Page 142 Column 2 Volume 18 Number 10

"De Rebus Temporis"

  • Tiddledy winks is all the go.
17 Feb 1891 Page 278 Column 1 Volume 19 Number 20


  • Page 278: If we can't eat we must play. So some of us indulge in the rather extravagant intellectual luxury of chess, and others rush bravely into the tiddledy wink arena, and each set thinks the other is misemploying its time.

    From what sad experience we have had with either, we would be inclined to cast our vote for the latter as the better game for the average college man, and we regret the rapid decline which seems to threaten the untimely demise of that once flourishing game.

    If intellectual games must be played, and some of us have so much regidity in our intellectual vertebral column that it is very difficult to stoop to anything which is not instructive as well as entertaining, let them at any rate be of a simpler nature than a complicated mathematical problem. The real student will always find his need of diversion best supplied by some speciies of the genus to which belongs the now-rapidly-approaching-extinction Tiddledyy winks.
24 Feb 1891 Page 306 Column 1 Volume 18 Number 21


  • 94 (in chorus)—Tiddledy Winks.Harvard Lampoon"


Haverford High School (Haverford, Pennsylvania)

Haverford High School Fordian

14 May 1971 Page 4

(also previous issue, and probably others)

Bryn Mawr-Haverford College (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania)

Free Skills Directory

1978 Listing by David Solomon (Beast)

Indiana State Normal School (Indiana, Pennsylvania)

INSTANO (yearbook)

1913 Page 293


  • Joseph Aloysius Donnelly ..... Captain
    Frank J. Myers ..... Athletic Director
    Harold M. Swift ..... Custodian of the Apparatus
    J. P. Wiley ..... Trainer
    Sharkey Hill ..... Official Referee
    John Paul Allen ..... Rubber Down
    Irving M. Fennell ..... Chief Chorister

    Members of the Team

    J. Roland Brady ..... Lindsley M. Peelor


    Raymond Kirkwood ..... Robert Henry

    Assistant Subs.

    Guy Foster ..... Alfred Quinette

    "For the development of mankind from a psychological standpoint."

    Many of our young, bright, slender-fingered, brilliant chaps do not wish to indulge in such brutal, rough, and ungenteel games as foot ball, boxing and baseball, but confine their extraordinary talent to the lighter and more scientific element, as lawn-tennis, checkers, wink, spin-the-pan, kiss-the-pillow, pussy-in-the-corner, button-button who's got the button, and tiddlewinks. The last named has made an especially classy showing within the past few years at Normal.

    The young nimrods who indulge in this particular precarious sport hold sessions from time to time, giving exhibitions of their agility and speed; and Capt. Donnelly reports that his strenuous efforts in getting his men in shape have well-nigh been crowned with success and the work has been highly praised by the people before whom they have given exhibition and made their debut.

    One thing which has proved a drawback to the captain is the fact that several of the men had sever colds from over-training and Peelor fractured his fingure in an excited four-hand match.

    King Brady, will, in all probability, win his numerals, as he has shown some of the sharpest and best form of the team. He is one of the cleverest and most adept players. Alfred Quinette is also mentioned as having played in some successful matches; so, with this lively bunch of shooters, there is no reason that the students at Indiana should not turn out and cheer the boys on to victory. Capt. Donnelly and Chief Chorister Fennell wish to make an earnest appeal to the entire student body to witness these snappy contests and assure them that their team will easily "cop" the championship again this season and bring the coveted tea cup back to Indiana.

    As the Annual goes to press the team has filled successful engagements at Homer City, Black Lick, Clymer, Boot Jack, Portage and Scalp Level. This team surely has our sincere wishes for a prosperous season.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania)

The Daily Collegian

13 May 1958 Page 4 Column 3 "et cetera"/"Nuts to Frisbee: Tiddlywinks for Me!" by Dave Fineman. Re press release about Oxford tiddlywinkers

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia , Pennsylvania)

Record, 1893-98, of the Class of '93

1893-1898 Page 103

"The Prophecy Continued"

  • "I tell you, Clyde, you and I always were keen for a little game, now and then. I quit to-night a winner by thirty thousand francs." "No, Pat," said the other, "we didn't belong to Ninety-three's Tiddledy Winks Club for nothing, did we?"
Digital copy (NATwA)


Vanderbilt (Nashville, Tennessee)

Commodore (yearbook)

1927 Page 286


  • [Wm.] Dismukes and Laird Smith are better known as exponents of tidley-winks, but their entrance into the context is being received with much fervor.
Digital copy (NATwA)


University of Texas at Austin

The Cactus

1923 Page 408

"Choice Bits on the Nitwits"/"A LIST OF RULES FOR FACULTY WOMEN"

  • 6. No card playing, dancing, or other rough stuff is tolerated. Tiddledy Winks and Jack Straws may be played until 8:00 p.m. Dominoes not permitted, and each newcomer will be searched to see that she has none.
Digital copy (NATwA)

Miscellaneous and References not yet sourced to US Colleges

(probable references in publications of Simmons, Mount Holyoke, Columbia, Brown, etc. around 1962) is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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