Stroboscopic photo of a wink being potted in the game of tiddlywinks The North American Tiddlywinks Association
T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Missing Wink

An official tiddlywinks publication of the North American Tiddlywinks Association (NATwA)

Issue Date Pages Editor Title/Summary Notes
  May 1974 8 Scott Hirsh, Sunshine, Lewis Stein, Mary Kirman "Winke Impeached" original
  Aug 1974 14   "VV and Winke Lose" original
  Feb 1975 14   "Canada Cops Crown" original
  Nov 1976 24   Return of the Missing Wink"Lions 3, Christians 0" original is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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