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T i d d l y w i n k s !
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Answers to Puzzle Perversion in Newswink 12

by Larry Kahn

  1  More of these winkers than any other        d a.V.e
2 John B. g o.O.d
3 Pitty town i.T.h a c a
4 1.5 pair p.E.r s i m m o n
5 Top chick s u n s.H.i n e
6 Don't clown around b.O.z o
7 Potbound n u.R.d l e d
8 Sideways squop b r i.S.t o l
9 Colored winker b l u.E.
10 Winks stadium .M.a t
11 Wink sink p i l.E.
12 Dive! Dive! Dive! s u b m.A.r i n e
13 Mottob p o.T.
14 Mixed-up Fred .F.e r d
15 Watergate s q u.O.p
16 Wink press s q u i d g e.R.
17 Honcho s e c g e.N.
18 Cleveland team i n d i.A.n
19 Variation of 4 k u m q u a.T.
20 Some winks just ain't got it .W.a r p
21 Occasionally can be your opponent p.A r t n e r
22 Winks rag n e w.S.w i n k
23 Lobdell special h o r s.E.m e a t
24 Down in the b o o n d o.C.k
25 Pile mover .G.r o m p
26 Get me out p i d d l.E.
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