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President’s Day Weekend—But Not the Continentals
(2 March 1995)

For the 10th time in 11 years, much of NATwA converged near DC for the Individual Pairs. Chris & Jim Marlin hosted the event at their Ashburn VA home—the 5th site for the IP. After 3 rounds the local residents were the only ones of the 8 players not to have both won and lost games. By the 4th round Bob and Dave had begun to pull away convincingly from the field. For once Larry was well off the lead, holding down 7th place as late as the 5th of 7 rounds.

The final game was between Marg & Dave and Bob & Larry. Scoring better than 4 ½ would earn Dave his first IP tittle (note: Sunshine does not include the two Brits/NATwA matches of ’93) and Marg would have placed a very solid third. It was not to be. Bob proved unbeatable after the second round and posted the 2nd highest individual score in match history as he picked up his 2nd title (to go along with 2 seconds) in the last 5 matches. Only 3 points sepeated third thru seventh place.

In the strange but hard to notice unless Sunshine searches for such things department, IP 10 highlights included:

In the easy-to-notice category: food & hospitality by Chris Marlin.

  Won Lost Points
Bob Henninge 6 1 39
Dave Lockwood 5 2 32
Larry Kahn 4 3 24
* 3 4 24
Rick Tucker 3 4 23
Jim Marlin 4 3 23
Marg Henninge 3 4 21
Chris 0 7 10

Top Pairs Averages (5 Game Minimum)

Pair Won Lost ppg
Dave Lockwood * 5 0 5.40
Larry Kahn Bob Henninge 8 1 5.17
Larry Kahn * 7 2 4.72
Larry Kahn Brad Schaefer 5 1 4.67
Dave Lockwood Rick Tucker 4 1 4.60
Larry Kahn Rick Tucker 7 2 4.44 is the official web site of the North American Tiddlywinks Association.
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