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North American Tiddlywinks Association

Gromper's Gazette · 5 April 1992

April Tournament

Format: Handicapped Individual Pairs
When: 25-26 April 1992 (Saturday is the main event; Sunday for random winks)
Where: Home of Bob Henninge & Sue Crapes
13177 Concord Church Road
Glouster, Ohio 45732 (near Athens, Ohio)
Contact: Bob or Sue at 614-448-6545 for directions and information on accommodations at their house or nearby.

Upcoming NATwA Tournaments





27-28 June 1992 NATwA Singles Washington DC area Larry Kahn, 301-681-9345
26-27 September 1992 NATwA Pairs Natick MA TDI (Indian), 508-655-5362

Foreign Visitor Fund

NATwA periodically invites a British winker to the States to play in a NATwA tournament, and helps to defray some of the costs of travel. This year we have invited Keith Seaman to visit and play in the NATwA Singles. If you can, please contribute some amount (e.g. $50 to $75) to the Foreign Visitor Fund. Please send your checks to Rick Tucker at the address below. Thank you.

Are you a NATwA Member?

In the mailing of Newswink 26 in March, I included a request for payment of NATwA dues. The response was good, but quite incomplete. In the future, notices of NATwA events (such as this one), Newswinks, discounts on equipment, etc., will only be available to paid NATwA members. 1992 will also see the return of NATwA membership cards, newly redesigned. Therefore, I encourage those of you who haven't paid your dues to do so NOW. A membership form is enclosed with this mailing. As of 5 April 1992, the following are NATwA members:

Arye Gittelman
Bozo (Gerald) Linden
Brad Schaefer
Daniel Dern
Dave Lockwood
Dean Solomon
Jim Marlin
Joe Sachs
Larry Kahn
MP Rouse
Rick Tucker
Roman Muszynski

Missing Addresses

I do not have current addresses for the following winkers. Any information would be appreciated.

Jake Solomon
L (Richard Hussong)
Marg Henninge
Moishe (Michael Schwartz)

Vote on the Perimeter Rule!

In Newswink 26 (page 17), Sunshine proposes to adopt the Perimeter Rule as part of the official NATwA Rules of Tiddlywinks. As it turns out, Richard Moore of ETwA is proposing a rule nearly identical to the Perimeter Rule for inclusion in the ETwA Rules. I trust that all the recipients of this Gromper's Gazette have read Sunshine's proposal; if you do not have a copy, send me a note and I'll send you a one. Herewith NATwA is calling for a vote on the Perimeter Rule. All NATwA members have a vote; nonmembers may also voice their opinions if they wish. Here are the three options for adopting the Perimeter Rule. Note that options for only non-Perimeter and only Perimeter are not on the ballot.

Rule A: Keep current (non-Perimeter Rule), with Perimeter Rule used only if all players in a particular game so choose.

Rule B: Perimeter rule becomes the standard; current rule used only if all players in a particular game so choose.

Rule C: Different rule for different matches. E.g. Rule A for Singles & Pairs, Rule B for Individual Pairs; to be determined for others.

Please vote with rank order of preference (i.e., 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preferences of the above three options). Send your votes to Rick Tucker no later than 26 June 1992; results will be applied to the NATwA Singles the following weekend. Ballots from a majority of NATwA members on that date will be required to complete this vote.

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